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News / Metafore, for corporate events 2.0

Metafore, for corporate events 2.0

Metafore was created in September 2020 with its first open space on rue de la Boétie. An 800m2 venue that organizes tailor-made inter-company events and breaks the codes of “classic” seminars. This initiative is designed to listen to customers, and its success has led to the opening of two new spaces in June.

The concept of Metafore places was imagined by Romain Magri. Metafore Boétie, the first three-story space in the 9th arrondissement, is a mix between a Parisian apartment and a new generation coworking space. An offer whose specialty is the organization of corporate events that have nothing to do with what has been seen before. A tailor-made operation that can be lived as a full experience. Breakfast, dedicated meeting rooms, lunch cooked by chefs… Nothing is left to chance.The idea is to create a concept that is a bit lifestyle, because what we want is to get the customer out of the office, we don’t want it to be classic” explains Romain Magri.

Metafore, an idea based on 4 pillars


In terms of organization, the Metafore concept is based on four pillars. The first, and surely the most important, is that of Hospitality, through the response to the needs of customers from their reception in the place until their exit at the end of the day. “It’s a very important brick. We try to function like in a 5-star hotel, by being at the service of the customer and by proposing a maximum of customization” comments Romain Magri.

Metafore Boétie ©Yann Deret
Metafore Boétie ©Yann Deret

The second pillar is Gastronomy.Each location has a kitchen, and the brigade at rue de la Boétie is headed by chef Stéphane Laruelle, who has worked in a starred restaurant in the past. In agreement with Romain Magri, the menus are regularly changed and offer a varied cuisine with a choice of 2 starters, 3 main courses – including one vegetarian – and 2 desserts. “We try to offer a cuisine that is seasonal, tasty and appeals to a maximum number of people. We favor short circuits and we try not to cook too much red meat to limit our carbon footprint.explains Stéphane Laruelle. Recently, Johanna Le Pape, world champion pastry chef in the sweet arts, joined Metafore and now signs the dessert menu.

Metafore Boétie ©Yann Deret

The third Metafore pillar is Sustainability. Indeed, eco-responsibility and respect for the environment are important to Metafore’s image. In fact, the spaces are all 0 plastic, and the materials used to design the spaces are as local as possible. We used carpets made of recycled fishing nets and natural pigment paint. We try to put small bricks where we can to be as sustainable as possible” says Romain Magri. The final objective is to obtain the Bcorp certification.

Metafore Boétie ©Yann Deret

Finally, the fourth and last pillar is Design.In creating these spaces, Romain Magri wanted to propose unique places, with inspirations between the house and the boutique hotels. To design them, they called on the RMGB architectural studio, which had never done a site for the tertiary sector before. It was interesting that they had never evolved in this environment, because we didn’t want the finished place to look like an office” adds Romain Magri. Decorated with furniture from Carl Hansen & Son, Cassina or Pierre Paulin, among other pieces, Metafore has also launched a partnership with the Amélie Maison d’Art gallery, for which they exhibit the works. All put on sale, this partnership is a good way to gain visibility while selling to a new clientele.

Metafore Boétie ©Yann Deret

In fact, the Metafore concept is winning over more and more customers, many of whom return regularly to organize new events. In June, the company also succeeded in raising 15 million euros in funding for its development, at the same time as it inaugurated its two new spaces, in Vincennes on June 9 and in Blanche-Liège on June 22. In the future, the objective would be to be able to export, in the provinces at first, and then internationally.

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