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News / Masterprint by WhiteWall, spectacular size artwork

Masterprint by WhiteWall, spectacular size artwork

With its Masterprint, WhiteWall, a photographic laboratory specializing in high-end photo finishing, has developed a technical revolution that meets the highest demands in terms of design and quality. It is now possible to print and laminate photographs under acrylic glass, in previously unimaginable dimensions, up to 500 x 240 centimeters. Whether it’s a landscape, an architectural photograph or a portrait, the monumental formats make it possible to carry an extraordinary message in their place of exhibition.

Masterprint © WhiteWall

The Masterprint is a world first in the field of art photography. In order to stage large format photographs so perfectly, WhiteWall has brought together all its technical and craft skills. Several years of research, development and testing have gone into this innovative product. “With the Masterprint, we are clearly setting ourselves apart from all photofinishing suppliers, as it is the world’s first and only pigment ink-based fine art printer capable of printing up to 240cm in length. width ” explains Alexander Nieswandt, founder and CEO of WhiteWall. This revolutionary printing technology is coupled with a paper specially designed for WhiteWall.

Fine Art to perfection


The result is spectacular, with brilliant colors and exceptional detail. Looking at the image, the perception of the eye seems endless. Even up close, the smallest details remain absolutely sharp.

Masterprint © WhiteWall

Ordering a Masterprint WhiteWall also includes an exclusive “Professional Art Service”: customers can benefit from comprehensive and personalized advice in order to optimally coordinate design and implementation. Then, the experts of the photo laboratory guarantee a perfect implementation at all stages of production in the in-house manufacturing. From in-depth verification of the file to centimeter-accurate production, including carefully hand-crafted framing for formats up to 180 x 290 centimeters. A professional proof is also available on request. Each master proof is inspected by hand and packaged with great care before being delivered. Special wooden packaging guarantees safe transport. The Masterprint is delivered on site, to the exhibition venue. In addition, customers have the option of having their artwork shipped by a specialized shipping company, which will take care of hanging the model and removing the packaging if necessary.

Masterprint © WhiteWall

About WhiteWall


WhiteWall is the best photo lab for all photography enthusiasts. Founded in 2007 by Alexander Nieswandt, the company has established itself as an innovator in the field of photo finishing and the world’s leading photo lab, thanks to its deep expertise and the development of new technologies. The uncompromising quality of the brand is based on first choice supports, laminations carried out to perfection and a workshop producing completely bespoke frames.

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