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Events / Marseille Drive: a performance-trip around Le Corbusier

Marseille Drive: a performance-trip around Le Corbusier

Both exhibition and performance, Marseille Drive is a multidisciplinary project conceived by the artist Cristian Chironi: from September 12 to 16, it invites the public to a drive in the district around the Housing Unit of Le Corbusier. An intimate way to share a reflection on the concepts of “house”, accommodation, location. An exhibition showing all of his work around the architect is presented at the same time until the end of November.

Marseille Drive

Within the framework of Biennale Manifesta 13 The Parallels of the South , the artist Cristian Chironi , present Marseille Drive , an exhibition and performance as part of the from September 12, 2020.

Marseille Drive is an interdisciplinary, itinerant and in situ project combining architecture, town planning, design, sound art and social relations. Artist Cristian Chironi hits the road in a Fiat 127 car called the “Chameleon” for its ability to change color according to the chromatic combinations typical of Le Corbusier’s architectures. This trip traces the network of relationships that the modernist architect had with different cities to explore – from the architect’s heritage as well as from personal stories linked to the artist’s place of origin – the notions of housing and habitat at a time of increasing insecurity and mobility and questioning the distinction between nomadic and sedentary life.
For its Marseille stopover, Drive is articulated in an exhibition and a performance / ride in the car opening a shared and intimate reflection on the notions of “home”, accommodation, location, travel and hospitality based on specificities of this city and its inhabitants.

Marseille Drive: The exhibition

The exhibition presents a selection of works thought out and produced in resonance with the Housing Unit and the space of the bookstore. They are brought by the artist in his car, while driving from Orani to Marseille, to mingle with books and catalogs.
From September 12 to November 28, 2020
Imbernon Bookstore, Housing Unit, Marseilles
Free entry from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Marseille Drive: The performance

The performance invites the public on a car ride in the neighborhood around the Housing Unit to open a shared and intimate reflection on the concepts of “house”, housing, location, travel and hospitality from specificities of this city and its inhabitants. The course is imagined with the complicity of the funny town planner Nicolas Memain . The radio of the Fiat 127 Chameleon will play My sound is a Le Corbusier : a series of compositions based on recordings made in the houses of Le Corbusier and produced by sound artists and musicians: Francesco Brasini, Choir of Radio France, Alessandro Bosetti, Massimo Carozzi, Daniela Cattivelli, Dominique Vaccaro, Henrik Svedlund .
From Sunday 13 to Wednesday 16 September, 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
From the Housing Unit, Marseilles
5 performances / walks per day lasting 30 min., 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Free entry by reservation by email to: