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News / MaNa: from gesture to construction with Radi Designers

MaNa: from gesture to construction with Radi Designers

The Radi Designers collective get together to run their workshop on the MaNa Campus. For three days, the five acolytes – Florence Doléac, Claudio Colucci, Laurent Massaloux, Olivier Sidet and Robert Stadler – will share their world of objects.

If it was at the prestigious ENSCI that the Radi Designers met, it’s on the young MaNa Campus that they meet again 25 years after their separation. No, it’s not a vegetable name that the designers have chosen, but an acronym, “Recherche Autoproduction Design Industriel”, which always reflects their work together. From their famous Whippet Bench to their Principio and Accessimo appliance ranges for Moulinex, the Radi family has always brilliantly combined creativity, research and humor. For the MaNa Campus, the collective and participants will be working on nomadic outdoor objects and furniture.

And how can we not look forward to exchanging ideas and designing in a setting where nature and know-how are at the heart of the workshops? This collective project will not only emphasize functionality, but will also integrate notions such as playfulness, theatricality, pleasure, use and the eye, all in a spirit of lightness. Speakers will use and study not only the premises, but also the habits of the people on Campus to come up with their creative proposals. Metal artist Tristan Colafrancesco will accompany this workshop, which promises to be a highly entertaining affair. The exteriors will be invested in the same way as the Campus metal workshop.



Step 1: Submitting a portfolio and CV
Stage 2: validation of the application by the admissions panel, which ensures that the profile matches the course requirements.

Pedagogical objective(s)


Trainees will develop the following skills:

  • Ability to build a collective project
  • Ability to imagine creative solutions within a given context
  • Ability to create in a hurry

Duration and organization


Dates: from 10/20/2023 to 10/22/2023 inclusive

Duration: 3 days

Times: 9am-1pm – 2pm-6pm, 15 people maximum



2500 euros incl. VAT. This fee includes the cost of training, full board and lodging, materials and personal protective equipment.

Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda