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News / MaNa Campus: Metal Magic

MaNa Campus: Metal Magic

The MaNa Campus is offering a new week-long program dedicated to light from July 10 to 14. Students will be introduced to metal in a dreamlike environment to create a full-scale outdoor installation.

“In the Light” will be led by a trio that is not only renowned but also committed to a more respectful production. Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk are a distinguished and accomplished duo in the world of Dutch design. While they share the same studio, they work independently, with different creative freedom, but embracing common values. Together with Ateliers Cola founder Tristan Colafrancesco, the two designers will teach the art of making a mark in a natural and delicate environment, that of the campus.

MaNa campus
MaNa campus

The duo explains their program, “We will create an exciting, lively and energetic design event! We will take inspiration from the beautiful MaNa campus and its surroundings, and create bright objects that will bring a magical touch to their natural habitat! “

Workshop in two steps


First, participants will study the outdoor environment where streams, trails, forests and ponds can interact with reverberation, reflections and shine. They will then be invited to the metal workshop where they will work with the material. The objectives of this program include the mastery of knowledge and techniques related to the craft of metalwork; the ability to evolve and present one’s work, practice and ideas; the willingness to cultivate a subject; and teamwork.

MaNa campus
MaNa campus

It is by combining these three elements that are light, metal and nature that the magic will operate for the implementation of this device that will illuminate the darkness of the adjacent forests.

Program details


Materials : Metal

Field : Design & Space

Duration : 1 week

Language : English

Cost : 1900€/ Early birds: 1500€/ Students: 1250€ TTC.

This price includes the cost of the training, accommodation and full board, materials and personal protective equipment.

Cécile Papapietro-Matsuda