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News / MaNa Campus: Exploring temporality

MaNa Campus: Exploring temporality

If Erwan Bouroullec proposes to exchange, share and build during the workshop he will lead next October, we might as well announce it right away! Internationally recognized, the designer and architect will spend two weeks at the MaNa Campus questioning speed, pace and evolution.

This questioning, he explains in one sentence: “My own belief is that most of the parameters of our world have followed an exponential curve, and that we are reaching a point where complexity is reaching a level of uncontrollability, and beyond the day-to-day practical decisions, design needs to address a broader exploration of cross-cutting patterns.”. It starts from a very explicit dichotomy, that of the overconsumption of soybeans which nevertheless grows slowly, an aberration that can be found in various fields. In parallel to this workshop, theorists will speak on the theme of speed.

Experimental workshops


More than a classic workshop, Erwan Bourroullec offers to share an immersive experience where ultra-speed is replaced by observation and listening. The wood and metal workshops will be invested to elaborate pieces of various sizes, monumental or smaller.

Tristan Colafrancesco, a metal expert accustomed to working with designers, will be in charge of both workshops during this program. Distancing oneself from the usual rules and codes will be one of the driving forces behind this workshop, in which playful imagination will be one of the keys to creation. If the campus environment is conducive to this type of experimentation, it is also the ideal setting for imagining pieces that will be created in a fortnight, while respecting a certain deontology. Once created and installed, either outdoors or indoors, or even buried for some, these pieces will be filmed over the course of a year, all relayed via a blog hosted by the MaNa campus. In this way, we come full circle as time naturally does its work.

Program details


Area: Design

Materials: metal and wood

Duration: from 16/10/2023 to 27/10/2023

Language: English and French

Price: €3900