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Maison Papier: from paper objects to NFT

Relying on NFTs to protect designers is the idea that Claire Germouty, creator of Maison Papier, wishes to develop and democratize. Founded in early 2022, this 3.0 publishing house works hand in hand with the manufacturer Procédés Chénel and the agency, to offer responsible paper objects, and declined in the metaverse.

The Maison Papier adventure began with the discovery of Circea, a honeycomb lamp designed by Luc de Banville. Fascinated by its flexible shapes, Claire Germouty decided to accompany this prototype in a publishing project. She soon met her manufacturer, Procédés Chénel, the leader in paper architecture in Europe, who played a key role in the birth of the project. ” Without Sophie Chénel, there would be no Maison Papier,” the publisher says with humility. Note that the Circea lamp is now made from Drop Paper Honeycomb scraps, a non-flammable and luminescent paper, recycled in accordance with the commitments of Procédés Chénel.

A project for the protection of designers


With the launch of Maison Papier, Claire Germouty wants to move the lines. In the logic of her career – lawyer, then book editor – she focuses on the protection of designers, both in terms of model registration and copyright. ” I imagined that designers’ incomes were in line with those of novelists. We are far from it! On the book side, royalties hover around 10%, while design royalties cap at 5% on average. The most surprising thing? When the sales of the objects soar, the royalties sink. Maison Papier is a “mission company” in the sense of the PACTE law, and we have taken the decision to align all royalties at a minimum of 10%, thanks to NFT revenues.” These legal and social aspects are at the heart of its corporate strategy, in equal measure with environmental responsibility.

Portrait of Claire Germouty, founder of Maison Papier
Ateliers Procédés Chénel in Vanves © Maison Papier

And it is this commitment to the protection of designers that convinced Sophie Chénel, who has always been careful to accompany and support designers, offering them tailor-made events, visibility and a unique place of residence in her workshops in Vanves, on the outskirts of Paris. Launching a publishing house is a crazy project, but when the stars align, you have to go for it and not ask yourself too many questions,” says Claire Germouty.

An NFT to better protect?


To accompany the creations of the designers within its publishing house, Claire Germouty relies on a particular use of NFTs: “Beyond beauty, we know that design is first and foremost there to give meaning to an object, and to make good radiate. However, the NFT is a very effective tool to protect designers and project their creations into the future. » With this in mind, Maison Papier has chosen to work with, the first French Web 3 agency, which advocates a sustainable French model, a frugal blockchain and an intuitive purchase of NFT. ” I was afraid of the technical complications, but I am proud to be able to offer an NFT, Circea’s 3D twin, published in the form of a printed document, and sold with Luc de Banville’s paper lamp .

Circea lamp, design : Luc de Banville © MaisonPapier
The designer Luc de Banville in the Ateliers Procédés Chénel in Vanves © MaisonPapier

In addition, the digital certificate associated with the NFT is a potential long-term revenue stream. “Even if the metaverse is still in its infancy, it is a given that NFTs guarantee the authenticity, origin and ownership of a dematerialized object. But the major breakthrough will be in the right of resale: each time one of his NFTs is resold, the designer will be able to collect new copyright. A feature that could change the whole economic model of design and give wings to creators! emphasizes the editor. Claire Germouty proposed to the designers to associate an NFT to each object published by her company. Thus, for the first time, a light fixture will be sold in euros and in stores with its digital twin, ready to move into the metaverse. ” The Circea+NFT lamp enters the history of design through a small door, which we already know opens wide towards the world of tomorrow!

Paris Design Week 2022: a first springboard


While the Circea + NFT lamp by Luc de Banville is scheduled for release in late 2022, Maison Papier also publishes other creations, including Allegria. This luminous device, signed by Sandra Biaggi and distinguished by the Factory during the last edition of the Paris Design Week in September, uses the principle of the fan. With its three meter wingspan, its hand assembled luminescent paper cells and its powerful and adjustable lighting, Allegria is on its way to seduce galleries and professionals looking for sober, perennial, spectacular and light scenographic devices.

Allegria device, design: Sandra Biaggi © MaisonPapier

Another Maison Papier/Procédés Chénel co-edition presented at the Factory: the Vanves chairs by Grégoire Borach, designed to highlight the qualities of Drop Cake. This innovative and upcycled material launched by Sophie Chénel, is made from Drop Paper scraps, shredded, and compressed with polyethylene. The challenge ? Invent a new qualitative material from scraps that are difficult to recycle.

Vanves chairs, design : Grégoire Borach © Grégoire Borach

Regarding the next projects, Maison Papier will participate in the Maison & Objet show in January 2023 to present the ARA series of lamps, all in origami of fluorescent paper and blown glass, signed by the New York designer Rodolfo Agrella. The appointment is given!

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