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News / Maison & Objet: the 3 “Future on Stage” winners revealed

Maison & Objet: the 3 “Future on Stage” winners revealed

On the occasion of its back-to-school edition, scheduled from September 8 to 12, the Maison&Objet organization had launched a new springboard entitled “Future on stage”, dedicated to young companies in the design, art and creation. For this first edition, three winners were chosen: Pierreplume, LucyBalu and Avuly.

In order to take advantage of the ecosystem that stimulates exchanges and provokes meetings throughout the year, Maison&Objet wanted to go further by also promoting the strength of innovation and participating in the growth of young companies. A springboard in favor of these young companies, which offer many advantages, namely:
  • A scenographic exhibition in the heart of the show and visibility on the media and communication channels of Maison&Objet
  • Meetings organized with visitors, partners, retailers, prescribers and international distributors
  • Access to an international market with the possibility of selling to large buyers
  • The deployment of their notoriety via the international press coverage of the show
  • Brand promotion through content on social networks and the Maison&Objet magazine
  • Their presence on the digital platform Maison&Objet & More (MOM)

Pierreplume, aesthetic used textiles


Pierrreplume is a company that wanted to re-invent textile recycling through design. Founded by Amandine Langlois, Jérémie Triaire and Camille Chardayre, Pierreplume offers wall cladding panels that look like real stone. The founders have invented a light and easy-to-install sound absorber made from recycled textile waste. Its range, which reproduces the variations of mineral shades through the simple play of fabric deposits, lends itself to all architectural and design projects. A featherweight “stone” with a bright future ahead.

Pierreplume ©Zenzel
Pierreplume ©Zenzel

LucyBalu, who said cats don’t pay attention to design?


Founded by Sebastian Frank and Mathias Wahrenberger, LucyBalu is a German company specialized in the design of furniture for cats. The founders, both feline lovers, have designed a range of furniture and accessories with a pure design, made locally from natural products.

LucyBalu Catwalk
LucyBalu Choupette Swing Edition

Avuly, 100% recyclable aluminium outdoor furniture


The Aluvy furniture company was created in 2020 by Jean Pierre Cauchy, Hugo Texier and Paul Marino. Together, they propose braziers and barbecues with a unique design, made of a stainless and 100% recyclable aluminum material, which breaks all the codes of the sector through the proposal of bold, colorful and robust outdoor pieces, which make you want to gather.

ALUVY © Aude Lemaitre