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Magic Circus Editions tries its hand at creating furniture

Marie-Lise Féry, founder of Magic Circus Editions, wished to extend her field of creation by proposing a first line of furniture directly integrated to her studio, recently inaugurated in Lyon.

Marie-Lise Féry, founder of Magic Circus Editions, has decided to set down her luggage in a 19th century building, in a second floor apartment with a view over the Saône. Since 2016, this former art dealer has been telling stories through the lighting fixtures she imagines. After six years of existence, it was time for renewal. The health crisis was indeed a turning point, which allowed him to imagine his first range of furniture.

Magic Circus Editions

A sensitive and intimate place


After proving herself in the field of lighting, Marie-Lise Féry wanted to go further by having a space dedicated to meeting and reflection, which reveals without restraint her creative universe. She therefore launched the renovation of this 100 m2 apartment located in the 2nd district of Lyon.

Bedside table © Magic Circus Editions
Living room table © Magic Circus Editions

A period that was the key factor in his desire to create a furniture line: “the furniture was born as a result of this project, with this apartment. The last two years have been very creative for me, and deep down I think I needed this.” she explains. In creating this space, Marie-Lise Féry wanted to offer her clients a specific space for meetings, in an intimate and reassuring setting. “I want to keep this confidential side, without being elitist for all that. My will is to stage my creations through my sensitive universe.”

Giorgio floor lamp © Magic Circus Editions
Candy Eyes wall lamp © Magic Circus Editions

This place of reflection, the designer has arranged and thought as an apartment in its own right, since it has a large living room with open kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. And if the main rooms are obviously dressed with Magic Circus lighting and furnished with its furniture such as the dining table, the Candy Eyes wall lamp, the night table or the Giorgio floor lamp, other artistic works animate the space, as a reminder of Marie-Lise Féry’s attachment to art, as evidenced by the creations of Djamel Tata, Yvelyne Tropéa and Erwin Olaf, to name a few.
Maïa Pois