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Luxury and sustainable innovation conference

Avant-garde in essence, the luxury sector adapts to environmental issues to answer societal questions and invent new positions, in terms of object and experience.

Bénédicte Epinay, General Delegate of the Colbert Committee
Maurille Larivière, director of the Sustainable Design School (in video)
Chafik Gasmi, designer and architect, founder of Chafik Studio
Moderation: Nathalie Degardin, editor-in-chief

A conference given on Sunday, September 12, at the Intramuros Café, as part of Paris Design Week 2021. The discussions addressed the Colbert Committee’s “Inspiration Book”, which presents the first study identifying the actions of members included in the UN’s sustainable development goals, pedagogy focused on these issues at the heart of the Sustainable Design School, the testimony of Chafik Studio on the evolution of the sector and the sharing of experiments in progress.