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News / Louis Vuitton collaborates with Ecole Bleue students

Louis Vuitton collaborates with Ecole Bleue students

After inviting Ecole Bleue students to design a concept store around the Objets Nomades collection, Louis Vuitton is renewing the experience with a project this time based on high jewelry.

As part of the 4th year global design professional project at Ecole Bleue, the students had the mission to highlight the Objets Nomades collection from the Maison Louis Vuitton. Projects carried out during 11 weeks by 25 students, who were able to mix interior architecture, visual communication and graphic design. They respected all the phases of a professional mission: creative sketches, realization of all the documents and detail books, description of the whole project, drafting of all the administrative documents, prescription files, design of the graphic charter, declination of the signage, signs and derived products, budgets, descriptions, printing and manufacturing costs.

Nomad project by Inès Mansour © Ecole Bleue

The 25 projects were presented to the Louis Vuitton team at the company’s world headquarters on January 13. During the presentation, 3 projects were rewarded: COCOON by Chloé Guillochon, OMBRES NOMADES by Alix Sergent and NOMAD by Inès Mansour.

Nomadic Shadows Project by Alix Sergent © Ecole Bleue
Cocoon project by Chloé Guillochon © Ecole Bleue

A new collaboration around high jewelry


Satisfied with this first collaboration, the Louis Vuitton team wanted to renew the experience by tackling another theme this time: high jewelry. The project started on January 24 for an expected presentation in May.