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Kim Layani, the woman behind the Coppery agency

Kim Layani founded the Coppery agency in 2017, which combines interior architecture, design objects and carpentry in its projects. A multitude of know-how that allow many possibilities for a rendering that she wishes unique. The first collection of furniture released in 2020, from the agency’s recently developed design branch, is based on the concept of semi-measurement.

Trained at the Penninghen School in Paris and at the MJM Institute, Kim Layani’s interest in architecture developed from childhood. Coming from a family of designers, she was rocked daily by the world of fashion. “I grew up in pencils and drawing. As a child, I accompanied my mother to her creative workshop and so I very quickly started to draw. My desire to go into architecture was therefore quite obvious” . Upon leaving her training, she will work for Isabelle Stanislas and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, before embarking on her own adventure.

Coppery Design, a first collection of “semi-made” furniture


The first collection of furniture from the design branch of Coppery Architecture reflects the world of Kim Layani: a mixture of noble materials such as copper (his favorite material which gave the name of the agency), brass , velvet, wood, marble… which coexist together for an ever more distinguished look. The pieces in the collection are all “semi-measurable”, that is, they are all customizable with the only condition of not changing the design of the product. A possibility of personalization which offers customers a choice of the material, fabrics and colors used. And a form of freedom that the young woman wants to develop both for her clients and for her collaborators: “All creative ideas are good, which is why I want to offer freedom to each of my project managers. Obviously, I can have a clear opinion, but they all have their say. »

Snake Sofa © Coppery Design

Inspiration from around the world


The agency, located in Paris, oscillates between showroom, architect’s office and materials library. Thus, the first floor includes the offices and some of the furniture such as the imposing Snake sofa, the Nest chair, the Bubble sofa, the Cubic lamp or the Asbloc table. The steps that lead to the basement offer a space that is defined according to Kim as the place “where everything is played”. The first discussions, proposals and plans for architectural projects are thought out and proposed within these walls. The space is full of samples of different materials and colors, transforming the place into a cocoon of creation in which the customer indulges and can make his choices. “Our objective is to find out who the customer is, what he is looking for by managing to get inside his head. With such projects, we enter into their intimacy and we must offer them something that brings out their universe as much as possible. » testifies one of the project managers, Eléa Kelly.

Bubble Sofa © Coppery Design
Asbloc table © Coppery Design

If she draws inspiration from her past experiences to forge her identity and assert her principles within her agency, Kim Layani draws heavily on her travel memories in her creative process. The lights, atmospheres, colors and landscapes of the places she had the opportunity to visit feed a range of ideas and bring out a maximum of new things. “I have this desire to create beauty while remaining as inventive and original as possible in my creations. My goal is to be able to stand out by creating a DNA that will be distinguishable and unique to the Coppery house”.
Maïa Pois