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News / Inyo, Fritsch+Durisotti’s seats for Eurosit

Inyo, Fritsch+Durisotti’s seats for Eurosit

In collaboration with Eurosit, the Fritsch+Durisotti studio presents Inyo, a new range of seats with multiple combinations. Equipped with an identical structure for each variation, the Inyo seats are thus distinguished by their modularity but also by their eco-socio design.

The studio was founded in 1993 by designer Antoine Fritsch who was later joined in 2006 by Vivien Durisotti. A little later in 2013, the duo welcomes Thierry Coste, an engineer by training, who will take over the management of the studio’s development. (see Intramuros portrait 208 ). Today, the studio based in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine in Yvelines has 7 people working full-time on projects. From Michelin to Tribord via Rochebois, the studio’s projects and collaborations are multiple and above all very varied. A diversity that intrigues and interests the brands with which they collaborate, testifies Vivien Durisotti “We notice that more and more brands are coming to us because we have very diverse projects from each other. »

Inyo chairs, Fritsch+Durisotti design © Eurosit

A single seat for a multitude of possibilities


Whether in the office or at home, with a padded shell, on casters or with a wooden base, the Eurosit Inyo range designed by the Fritsch+Durisotti studio is intended to be multi-use. Inyo, a Japanese term that evokes the mythical Ying and Yang, was chosen in connection with this notion of movement that exists between all the pieces in the range.

Inyo chairs, Fritsch+Durisotti design © Eurosit

Starting from a unique structure and based on a concept of eco-design and modularity, Inyo is: 13 different legs, 78 configurations for 390 possible solutions, just that. “The initial brief given by Eurosit was to offer a product that could be declined while engaging in an eco-responsible practice that it is difficult to ignore today” testifies Antoine Fritsch. Thus, all the seats are designed with 30% to 100% recycled materials and the shell is 95% recyclable.

Maïa Pois