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Intramuros on the air

Pour le podcast “Le Trait” de Ben & Estelle , le Directeur de la publication d’Intramuros, Frédéric Marty et le Directeur artistique, Frédéric Sofia, donnent de leurs voix pour parler design.

Created by the duo Ben & Estelle, the podcast “Le Trait”, 100% independent, meets professionals, design and architecture. In its 31st episode, Intramuros is honored with Frédéric Marty and Frédéric Sofia as spokespersons. They reveal their vision of design, “which can be addressed to everyone”, especially through the new formula of the magazine, as shown by the words of Frederic Marty: “It’s not a popularization magazine, because that would be like saying that design is necessarily elitist and that it has to become simpler to talk to people. That’s not the idea. The idea is to talk about all design.”
An episode to listen for free on the Apple podcast app or on Google Podcast.