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News / Intramuros makes its revolution

Intramuros makes its revolution

A revolution. But not the kind that overturns tables, no matter how well designed. More like the kind that, tirelessly fol- lowing a circular movement that looks like infinity, periodically finds in its starting point the destination it came to seek.

And if infinity is long, especially towards the end, this past year was incredibly rich for me. In the course of meetings, plans and doubts, I learned two new jobs: first, that of editor, and later, and above all, that of witness and transmitter of furiously mod- ern, often flamboyant, sometimes discreet, but always timeless culture and creativity.

Design is everywhere


Intramuros reconnects with its origins. First of all, by being fully bilingual and once again distributed internationally. An important step, because although the magazine was born in Paris, design is universal. Then by being imagined, written and designed by design lovers AND designers. Many hands, all passionate about the title, have participated in the development of this issue 211.

In this issue, you will find color. A lot of color. Through its use, its expressions, its codes. And although we all think we know designers, we show here we are committed to listening to them. To listen to the paths, desires, and visions of established designers such as Frédéric Sofia and Emmanuel Gallina, but also emerging designers such as Youyang Song, Lily Alcaraz, Léa Berlier, or the winners of the second edition of the Camondo×Intramuros com- petition: Thomas Delagarde, Clémentine Doulenc and Léna Micheli.

And while furniture and interior design are as present as ever, the magazine has broadened its scope to include the au- tomotive industry, with a feature on BMW’s stylistic risk-taking, referring to the very definition of the automotive object, and watchmaking on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Royal Oak, and also graphic design with the Parisian studio Zoo, author of this magazine’s new look and layout.

And finally, for the first time, you will find an eclectic, crazy and heartfelt notebook of inspirations.

Have a great read.

Frédéric Marty,
Publication Director