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News / Portraits / Intramuros-Camondo competition: discover the winners of the first edition

Intramuros-Camondo competition: discover the winners of the first edition

The Camondo-Intramuros competition focuses on this intermediate phase between the diploma and the first professional project. Winners of this first edition, Thomas Carlier, Juliette Drgez and Zeina Sleiman were respectively selected by the teams of Lafuma Mobilier, Moore Design and Sunbrella. Seduced by their diploma projects, they offered to give them another dimension by supporting them on issues related to their businesses. Last feedback, before going further upstream in the career of these three young graduates.

Concours Intramuros-Camondo : de gauche à droite, les 3 lauréats : Zeina Sleiman, Juliette Droulez et Thomas Carlier © Thibault Charpentier

Integrate sensoriality into everyday furniture, re-examine the question of the very meaning of production, explore the potential of biomaterials … The subjects of the diplomas of Zeina Sleiman, Juliette Drgez and Thomas Carlier are at the very heart of the questions highly raised in this post-Covid world that so many want … And this is proof that this generation of designers who are arriving are already apprehending their discipline in much broader fields than those to which we would like to reduce them. Admittedly, the diploma project – according to them – is also an opportunity to be seized to create freely, a space of expression and unique intention, without the constraints or adjustments inherent in any collaboration. And yet, by choosing their subject, Zeina Sleiman, Juliette Drgez and Thomas Carlier were far from imagining the adventure that would ensue.

Zeina Sleiman and the Interrogation of Space (Sunbrella)

Prototype de Zeina Sleiman, accompagnée par Sunbrella dans la réalisation.

At Sunbrella-Dickson, Zeina Sleiman found a particular echo in her search for sensoriality; by associating the textile with a table base, it recreates a space of games and intimacy for the children and confers a dual use to this furniture: the visible part on which one leans, the hidden part, like a secret shelter . The textile manufacturer agreed to dive into this two-dimensional universe and he supported the creation of a first scale 1 prototype. With them, Zeina got acquainted with a new coating and now masters all the important stages of production and the various weaves.

Juliette Drgez re-examines work furniture (Moore Design)

Croquis de Juliette Droulez- recherche pour Moore Design

For this partnership, Moore Design gave Juliette Drgez carte blanche to develop and bring her fresh outlook on BtoB activity. Three criteria were requested in basic postulates: “The use of recycled or recyclable materials to offer furniture that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The second criterion was to design a product that can exist in shared workspaces, such as open spaces or offices, but which is also aesthetically close to domestic furniture, allowing users who practice new ways of working to distance to fit out their interior with furniture that is both aesthetic and ergonomic. Finally, it had to be industrially feasible. “

Juliette is working on two projects: the first is a dynamic seat that allows users to be in motion and thus reduce health problems, in particular back pain, linked to poor working posture. “We are already thinking of a variant of this project by designing furniture for children, playful and colorful, which would be made of recycled plastic (broken toys, for example)”, explains Julien Diard, Managing Director of Moore Design; the second concerns a modular and modular acoustic partition, made up of recycled textile panels and wire mesh.

Thomas Carlier and the integration of new material solutions (Lafuma Mobilier)

Etude de Thomas Carlier pour Lafuma Mobilier

As applied research, Lafuma Mobilier asked Thomas Carlier to investigate their production chains and point out avenues to explore in order to integrate new materials or new solutions to improve their manufacturing processes. It is his “revolutionary” approach around biomaterials that seduced them, and today, on the strength of these preludes, as Baptiste Neltner, marketing and collections director reminds us, “ we must now think about the best way to integrate his personal vision into our industrial process ” .

Find the portraits of Zeina Sleiman, Juliette Drgez and Thomas Carlier in the file devoted to young creation in the last one Intramuros number .


Nathalie Degardin