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News / Design / Events / Intramuros at Paris Design Week 2022

Intramuros at Paris Design Week 2022

From September 9 to 12, Intramuros will take place in the heart of the Paris Factory, this year in two places: the Espace Commines and the Espace Froissart.

At the Espace Commines, Intramuros proposes its traditional Café. A meeting place where you can relax, hold meetings, eat and attend the Paris Design Week x Intramuros talks (see the program below). In partnership with Aka Green and Vitra, this green space will also be an opportunity to discover the new colorful reissues of the Jean Prouvé collection that the Swiss house has just released.

Address: 17, rue Commines 75003 Paris

At the Espace Froissart, the editorial staff invites you to discover a selection of young designers, including the participation of residents of the Ateliers de Paris or designers labeled “Fabriqué à Paris”, Axel Chay, 13Desserts, Ciluzio by AAMA Design, Maison Martin Morel, as well as prototypes and research by Thomas Delagarde and Léna Micheli, in partnership with Adagio and Serge Ferrari, as part of the Camondo competition. In a reading area created in partnership with the Mobilier national, visitors will be able to consult the latest issues of “Intramuros” and listen to the first episodes of our podcast series co-created with Bang & Olufsen.

Address: 7, rue Froissart 75003 Paris

Intramuros Talks x Paris Design Week


For the latest program adjustments, please visit and

Thursday, September 8th

5:00-5:50 pm

At the crossroads of art and design, innovating and enhancing the gesture

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Slow Made movement and the Year of Glass, a look at the relationship between gesture, material and the design process. How does design challenge know-how, and vice versa? How does the return to gesture question the very notion of production, of command?

With Marc Bayard, scientific manager at the Mobilier national and co-founder of Slow Made, and Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc, designer, Marva Griffin, director of Salone Satellite (in video)

Jean-Baptiste Sibertin Blanc © Frédéric Grimaud
Marc Bayard

6:00-6:50 pm

What future for young designers?

What are the new design paths? How to enter the market? What are the possibilities to match supply and demand? What are the challenges after graduation and what stepping stones or bridges are available?

With Silvia Dore, President of AFD, Pathum Bila Deroussy, founder of Design Link, and Emily Marant, founder of French Cliché (in videoconference)

Emily Marant
Pathum Bila Deroussy
Silvia Doré (right) © Tanguy Ginter

Friday, September 9th

5:00-5:50 pm

Wood, trendy or timeless?

Turned wood, solid wood, combination of materials … The collections on the market reflect the interest of consumers for this noble material, also revalued by the technical possibilities of working. Focus on hinoki, a sacred Japanese wood that is easy to work with and very sensory.

With Gregory Lacoua, designer for Éditions Souchet, Taro Okabe, architect and Eñaut Jolimon de Haradener, CEO ofAlki.

Grégory Lacoua

6:00-6:50 pm

Customer experience in the virtual world

Between websites, app development and, today, forays into the metaverse, the virtual customer experience is a full-fledged practice in retail. How to analyze customer behavior to better create emotion? How to make a meta-sensitive and attractive universe? And what are the ecological impacts of the development of this parallel market?

With Johanna Rowe Calvi, UX designer, Sandra Gasmi, founder of Demain! and Anne Asensio, vice-president of Design Experience Dassault Systèmes

Anne Asensio
Sandra Gasmi
Johanna Rowe Calvi

Saturday, September 10th


Japan, landofinspiration

Villa Kujoyama has just turned 30 years old. About twenty designers have experienced residencies within its walls during a stay that has questioned their practices as much as those of the local community. Since then, other cooperation programs have been developed. What if, in its relationship to craft and material, Japan was a source of inspiration for a transition to contemporaneity?

With Hedwige Gronier, head of cultural patronage at the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation, Lauriane Duriez, director of the Ateliers de Paris, Elsa Pochat, designer, and Sumiko Oé-Gottini, consultant.

Hedwige Gronier
Lauriane Duriez © Florent Mulot
Sumiko Oé-Gottini

5:00-5:50 pm

Reissue: revive or reinvent

Reissuing collections requires constant adaptations that customers do not perceive, expecting the targeted icon to be functional as well. A challenge for the integrated design team. How do you choose a reprint? Between heritage and the fight against programmed obsolescence, a sharing of experiences and points of view.

With Karin Gintz, head of Vitra France, Jacques Barsac (Charlotte Perriand re-editions at Cassina), Jason Brackenbury, director France FLOS, Marie-Line Salançon, MyDesign

6:00-6:50 pm

Art & design, possible synergies

In international programs, recent galleries and foundations, design is becoming a sector considered in its own right and is joining other artistic disciplines in increasing crossovers. A way shown by other countries?

With Béatrice Masi, director of Spaceless Gallery, Olivier Ibanez, director of communication of the Carmignac Foundation, Gaëtan Bruel, director of the Villa Albertine (in videoconference), and Clélie Debehault, co-founder of Collectible in Brussels.

Clélie Debehault
Olivier Ibanez © Thibaut Chapotot
Gaëtan Bruel © Beowulf Sheehan
Beatrice Masi

Sunday, September 11th

3:00 pm

Carte blanche to Women in Design

For a year, Women in Design conducted a meticulous investigation to find 52 designers with emblematic careers, known or not. With their clients, integrated in agencies, companies, and industry, they move the internal lines by promoting an inclusive design approach. From September, the collective will unveil one profile per week. A look back at this survey with members of this group.


Invisible cities, towards a poetics of data?

A new urban landscape is taking shape: with the appearance of smart cameras, sound recognition devices or particle detectors… we are witnessing a massive collection of data present in our environment. How to provide more transparency around urban data collection? What if new human-data interactions were possible? What if this material, the data, took shape to serve the poetics of cities and the interest of citizens? During a round table discussion, the aim is to question a sensitive experience of the city: embodying data to make it visible, palpable, audible, olfactory… accessible and democratic. A talk organized and moderated by Anne-Marie Sargueil, President of the French Institute of Design.

With Nouredine Azzouk, President of Nation Numérique, digital advisor to the National Assembly, Johanna Rowe Calvi, UX designer, Chafik Gasmi, Architect and designer, Chafik Studio, Claire Tréfoux, Head of design and Co-founder of the Design Lab Thales

Chafik Gasmi © Stéphane de Bourgies
Claire Tréfoux
Nouredine Azzouk
Johanna Rowe Calvi