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News / Intramuros 215 : Outdoor design

Intramuros 215 : Outdoor design

In the air, free!

The garden is finally perceived as an extra room, and this is certainly what marks the evolution of the last decade. And animates a sector of the development which remains a niche, certainly, but which is not less a very dynamic niche and rich in promises. It is also a demonstration of the importance of design as a tool for economic development: the outdoor furniture industry has been able to support this appropriation of the outdoors. Certainly, the health crisis has accelerated this understanding of the garden as a place to live. From the friendly, relaxing area, progressively experienced as a “trip home”, the outdoors is nowadays recognized as a precious, privileged space, both protective and synonymous with freedom. It can be used for all activities: playing, practicing sports, dining, cooking…, and even working.

This evolution has also been well understood by the professional world: companies have become aware of the added value brought by the installation of the smallest outdoor surface, from the terrace to the patio and the rooftop. In the hybridization of uses that it is undergoing, the hotel sector has also understood this, here, by signing intimate spaces, there, by extending on the environment and the street by the arrangement of terraces, elsewhere, by opening the renting of suites with panoramic views to private events.

Designers have anticipated these changes by working on product types for greater comfort, while respecting very strong constraints (resistance to weather, dust, UV). Behind these systems that can be stored in a jiffy, these coverings with a striking touch, there is a bluffing work of research and development. And it is this connivance, between manufacturers and designers, which struck us while preparing this special outdoor file.

In the course of the pages, we will of course share with you other discoveries: industrial designers who also experiment in the gallery, designers involved in fashion as well as in the automobile industry… and amazing places, in connection, of course, with nature. A number that brings its share of freshness and invigorating sunshine, just like spring!

Intramuros 215 is now available at newsstands, in partner bookstores and concept stores, and on our website. on our website.