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News / Intramuros 212: this summer, an invitation to travel

Intramuros 212: this summer, an invitation to travel

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From Los Angeles to Paris, from camping to transatlantic flights, Intramuros takes to the road.

Here, design goes nomadic, responding to our desires for new horizons.
High-tech accessories, electric vans, eclectic objects, this summer issue of Intramuros offers a very broad vision of design. Through the discovery of new editors that call on big names to launch themselves, through various paths including those of Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, and Goliath Dyèvre, and through a series of unusual interior architecture projects, Intramuros takes you on a journey through its encounters and inspirations.

November 2021. On the bus, a young woman places her black tote bag in front of me, which displays a quote from the American writer Susan Sontag : I “haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list.” Like a demand, as the borders are gradually reopening—and in the midst of thinking about the 2022 editorial planning—this phrase then resonates very strongly. Travelling, exploring new landscapes, setting out on the roads like a nomad…, in France and beyond.

This desire for elsewhere is a breath of fresh air, our daily life is already full of these cultural hybridizations that have become natural. One can not be surprised anymore to find in the living room low sofas with structures inspired by tatami, Indian cottons in the household linen, chopsticks in the cutlery drawers…?

If the globalization of markets has brought a certain uniformity, let’s also recognize that the internationalization of trade has opened our lifestyles to outside influences. For a long time now, the manufacturers have not hesitated to call upon designers from different continents to open up their ranges, and in their own way participate in this great mixing of practices and inspirations.

Going abroad is far from being an easy decision, but it is always a step in a career for anyone who agrees to play the game of immersion.

And if the professional benefits are important, these workshops, residencies or simply stays abroad are undeniably strong experiences on a personal level that nourish the mind and the imagination. For the confrontation with another culture encourages a face-to-face meeting with oneself, and the questioning of what drives us. Without forgetting the essential, as Susan Sontag continues: “what I want is to be fully present in my life—to be really where you are, contemporary with yourself in your life, giving full attention to the world, which includes you.

Nathalie Degardin