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News / Intramuros # 207: creation as a legacy

Intramuros # 207: creation as a legacy

Since 1985, Intramuros has embodied design through those who think it and those who do it.

For this first issue of a new era, that of the birth of Intramuros Group, we have decided to perpetuate this mission by highlighting a new generation of designers, young, talented, committed and anxious to be part of an era making their emerging concerns the major challenges of the coming decades. The past year, made up of uncertainties cloistered inside walls that are too thick, should in no way slow down the desire for creation, but on the contrary encourage us to be more attentive than ever to these new inspiring and optimistic voices.

This unprecedented temporality has also enabled many French people to reconnect with their habitat, to discover its nooks and crannies, to love its roughness, to hate certain details, to rethink their spaces.
And rethinking your spaces means rethinking your life.

It is with immense enthusiasm tinged with a certain emotion that we publish this issue 207.
Today I have a special thought for those who, for more than 35 years, have made Intramuros a reference title, from Bénédicte Duhalde to our current editor-in-chief Nathalie Degardin, including Jan Couacaud and all of our contributors, all knew how to carry with talent and humility the responsibility of this cultural and creative heritage initiated by the founder of our magazine, Mrs. Chantal Hamaide.

So long live the design. Long live creation. And long life to Intramuros!

Frederic marty
Publication Director

About Intramuros Group

Frédéric Marty, Directeur d'Intramuros Group

Intramuros Group est le premier groupe media français exclusivement dédié à l’univers de la maison avec les titres Intramuros Magazine, Cuisines & Bains Magazine, Concept Bain et le Courrier du Meuble et de l’Habitat. Le groupe est né de la volonté affirmée de renforcer la diffusion de ces titres historiques, BtoC et BtoB, tout en transformant le modèle éditeur en celui d’un créateur de contenus sur tous les supports, grâce à une profonde transformation digitale. À sa tête : Frédéric Marty, Thomas Objois et Julien Galim de Moneytag.