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Installation of Pierre Castignola in Ghent

Inspired by Victorian aristocratic dinners of the 19th century, Pierre Castignola’s “Monobloc Dinner Party” installation raises questions. Ironic scenography in a nod to a bygone era or reflection on an ordinary plastic armchair? Last days to discover it at the Atelier Ecru gallery in Ghent (Belgium).

Both artist and designer, this is not Pierre Castignola’s first experimentation. He has continued his research around this emblematic armchair, since his studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, from which he graduated Cum Laude in 2018. For this “Monobloc Dinner Party” installation, created at the Atelier Ecru gallery, he composes, assembles, typologies of neo-baroque furniture, chandeliers, chairs and tables, shelves, stools with a unique material, the plastic recovered from the plastic armchairs of outside.

Installation "Monobloc Dinner Party" by Pierre Castignola, Atelier Ecru, Ghent (Belgium) © Tijs Vervecken
Portrait of Pierre Castignola © Tijs Vervecken

In a joyful dismantling of shapes, he plays with the archetypal shapes of objects, in a striking, audacious contrast between the raw and intuitive approach of the Copytopia series enriched with new pieces, and the codes of good society. Questioning the hierarchy of materials and valuing this poor material, in recycled plastic, is also the filigram of the purpose of his work. Continuing the conceptual orientation, it also questions the benefits of the patent within the framework of the intellectual property system by using one of the most recognizable objects, the plastic armchair. (To find out more, read his portrait in Intramuros n° 207 ).

Anne Swynghedauw

Installation ''Monobloc Dinner Party'' by Pierre Castignola, Atelier Ecru, Ghent (Belgium) © Tijs Vervecken

“Monobloc Dinner Party,” a installation by Pierre Castignola, until February 27, at the Atelier Ecru Gallery, in Ghent.

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