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“Inspire” seminar: the Design Research dynamic in business

On May 17, at the initiative of Guillaume Foissac, head of EDF Pulse Design, the International Design Biennial will host the first “Inspire” seminar to question the changing role of design in research and development. A day configured around 4 round tables, which will bring together design managers from the laboratories of large groups (EDF, AREP, Essilor, Saint-Gobain, Malakoff Humanis, Decatlhon, the CEA, etc.), design agencies and university representatives (ENSCI, University of Paris, UQAM), …. The seminar is accessible face-to-face and via streaming.

A first: Academics and researcher-designers from a dozen groups will be present for the “Inspire” seminar on May 17 at the Cité du design in Saint-Etienne. The goal? Discuss around this question “design research is it an accelerator of changes and progress for companies? » Researchers-designers in companies and actors of higher education and research will be brought together to share experiences and points of view, and to consider the current widening of the field of design, beyond the traditional design of product design and of services related to innovation, towards a position at the forefront of the exploration of the future, in the development of research-action. As Guillaume Foissac points out in the presentation of the seminar Well beyond any strict issue of production or use, design research has the ability to guide the exploration of the field of possibilities. By highlighting the environmental, societal, cultural and emotional issues that make up an environment – whatever its scale – its results must lead to favoring a desirable operationalization of the future. »

The day will be articulated in 4 sequences

– How can design research in companies open up longer-term strategic directions for the company from the inside?
– How to move from a dimension of exploration to a dimension of exploitation of the results of design research in business?
– Methods and research protocol in the context and the temporality of the life of the company, what are the stakes of the Cifre devices?
What is the value of the resources produced by design research in business for academic researchers?


Each sequence will be the subject of a round table, which an appointed expert will summarize.

Among the speakers, we note the presence of:

Helene Allain Director of Programs, Liberté Living lab
Marie Virginie Berbet, Product & Service Design Manager Essilor
Charles Cambianica, Decathon Advanced design project leader
– Marc Chassaubéné Deputy Mayor of Saint-Étienne, Vice-President of Saint-Étienne Métropole and President of the Cité du design
– Katie Cotellon, Head of Design and User Experience Saint-Gobain
– Guillaume Foissac, Head of the EDF Design Department
– Mr. Antonietta Grasso Principal Scientist, User Experience and Ethnography, Naver Labs Europe
– Guillian Graves, Founder, designer & CEO. Big Bang Project Agency
– Samuel Lacroix Designer, EDF
Thierry Mandon Managing Director of Cité du design
– Raphaël Ménard, Chairman of the Management Board – Arep
– Caroline Nowacki, Design Manager & Research Lead ReGeneration at frog, part of Capgemini
Ioana Ocnarescu, Director of Research Strate School of Design
Sophie Pène , Professor University of Paris (CRI)
– Olivier Peyricot Director of the Cité du design research platform – Esadse
Julie Sahakian , Strategic Design Lead, Researcher & Lecturer (Ph.D.) Malakoff Humanis
– Bruno Truong, Head of Design at Y.SPOT Labs CEA
Stéphane Vial, Professor at the School of Design of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Holder of the Diamond Chair


Roundtable facilitators:

– Rudy Cambier, Liberty Livinglab co-director
– Annie Gentes, Director of Research CY School of Design
– Samuel Huron, Associate Professor of Design and Information Communication Technology · Institut Mines – Télécom
Frédérique Pain, Director of ENSCI


Experts concluding the round tables:

–Valérie Dijkstra, EDF Performance and Development Director
– Stéphane Vial, Professor at the School of Design of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Holder of the Diamond Chair
– Nawelle Zaidi and Dorian Reunkrilerk for Design in Research


The main witnesses who will formulate a summary of the day:

Sophie Pène, Professor University of Paris (CRI)
– Emmanuel Mahé : Director of Research ENSAD
– Dominique Sciamma : Director of the APCI

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