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Icon box by Studio Klein

Studio Klein has renovated this family duplex located in Neuilly. The goal? Through a skilful composition of fittings and materials, the studio has enhanced the eclectic collection of objects and furniture of an owner with a passion for the 70s.

[This article complements the article “Family duplex by Studio Klein” published in issue 210 of Intramuros ]

Project: duplex renovation

Location: Neuilly, Hauts de Seine

Area: 140 m2

Year: 2018

The two apartments in this property were acquired during an advantageous real estate transaction in order to accommodate a couple and their three children. Seduced by the potential of this somewhat dated duplex, the owners have kept the configuration of the existing one, two levels connected by a spiral staircase, whose reduced opening optimizes the space. On the other hand, the part upstairs was to be redesigned in its entirety. “We share the same tastes for the seventies, and we have created a setting for pieces of vintage furniture, as well as for works of art. It’s a four-handed job”, explains David Duron, architect of Studio Klein in charge of the project.

© Shootin
© Shootin

The original staircase is replaced by the helical M400 designed by Roger Talon in 1966, for its unique sculptural shape. “This original model unearthed by the owner was in good condition. We just redid an identical step at Galerie Sentou”, (note from the author, exclusive distributor of the model since 1986, reissued and made of cast aluminum in the original moulds). In the layout imagined by the architect, each child has their own room; the master suite was created in a compact volume, with the program, bathroom, TV and dressing room integrated in a clever layout.

© Shootin

The open kitchen is clad in metallic wood in contrast to the light oak veneer. Open to the transition hallway and offering a perspective on the living room, it highlights the amazing table in the dining area, cantilevered, made to measure by a locksmith. On the floor, the herringbone oak parquet, whose dark color underlines the staging of the design pieces, up to the living/dining room. Each material is chosen, in a warm spirit tinged with modernity that revisits vintage furniture. “In the living room, we designed together with the client these shelves inspired by the 70s, consisting of a back-lit marble-effect porcelain stoneware background. They welcome objects and colorful works of art of the pop style.”

© Shootin

The children’s bathroom plays with the geometry of imitation rattan porcelain stoneware patterns, another reminiscence of the seventies. As for iconic design pieces, it’s up to the owner to hunt for original models from the publisher Knoll, Tulip stools by Eero Saarinen and Culbuto armchairs by Marc Held. Finally, the radiators of the Italian brand Tubes designed by Antonia Astori and Nicola de Ponti pursue the quest for the stylistic and functional spirit of a passionate collector.

Anne Swynghedauw

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