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News / Hermès inaugurated a new store in Wuhan

Hermès inaugurated a new store in Wuhan

The new Hermès store was inaugurated in the heart of the Heartland 66 shopping center in Wuhan, China on July 13, 2022.

Pour la conception de cette nouvelle enseigne Hermès chinoise, c’est l’agence d’architecture parisienne RDAI qui a été chargé du projet. Une boutique inspiré à la fois de l’esprit de la ville, lieu de rencontre des cultures française et chinoise, ainsi que par la situation géographique de Wuhan, situé au cœur de plusieurs provinces de Chine centrale et traversée par le fleuve Yangtsé.

Hermes Wuhan © Tsing Lim

A store with geometric lines

In keeping with the design of the Heartland 66 shopping center, this new location unveils a store with geometric and vertical lines. Indeed, the exterior architecture is inspired by the geological faults that sculpt the mountains, and reveals narrow openings that create an impression of dynamic and architectural movement. Once inside, the store’s entrances are highlighted by ceramic tiles and glass panels that rise to the ceiling to give a glimpse of the spaces to be discovered.

Hermes Wuhan © Tsing Lim

Without departing from the rule common to all the stores of the house, we find the traditional Greek lights, designed for Hermès in 1925. In the boutique, different spaces are outlined: the one dedicated to the house is located on the first floor, the women’s shoe and ready-to-wear space overhangs the first floor on a mezzanine while the first floor is dedicated to jewelry and accessories.