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Haymann Editions: The ambition of beauty and simplicity

A design of high craftsmanship, which combines tradition, modernity and timelessness, this is what Haymann Editions strives for. In 2012, the house stood out on Maison et Objet with a very first collection designed in collaboration with a unique designer, Toni Grilo. And you had to dare! Since then, signatures have multiplied, all orchestrated by the brand’s founder, David Haymann.

Although David Haymann took his first steps in the world of design late in life, he was always attracted by the creativity of others. Son of a mother who had worked in the world of furnishing textiles, with brands such as Souleiado or Pierre Frey, David was already steeped in the beginnings of decorum. But he took the tangent by evolving for many years in IT and then in mass distribution, so as not to be in the family furrow. “I still visited Maison et Objet at each edition, with this unavowable desire to exhibit in my turn as a publisher”.

© HAYMANN Editions
Portrait of David Haymann © HAYMANN Editions

During a stay in Rio de Janeiro, David discovers the work of Sergio Rodriguez and it clicks. On returning to France, he made the decision to change his life, looked for Brazilian designers to set up a publishing house project and then met Toni Grilo, settled in Portugal. In June 2011, it is with aplomb that David and Toni embark on the adventure to be able to exhibit on the former Now of the next edition of Maison et objet. David gives carte blanche to the designer who delivers ten pieces for this first launch. The incredible bet is respected!

No collection but consistency…


…is the leitmotif of Haymann Editions. The editor works like a decorator, but without having the cap. He imagines his proposals in a global way. After the launch in 2012 with pieces like the Marie lamp or the Dartagnan chair, which worked very well together, he went in search of designers who worked with glass and color and proposed a collaboration with Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet. The Wave stool is then available in glass in various finishes.

© HAYMANN Editions

David then approaches the duo David & Nicolas who designs offices for the house. Then comes the turn of Charles Kalpakian who imagines seats with clean lines and very functional. Materials are always at the heart of the brand development process. The editor goes from marble to cork, from stainless steel to wood without complex and combines them with harmony.

Two entities


Haymann Editions also offers a contract offer called Hospitality as a bonus to pieces in the Residential range. The Cocorico collection, designed by the eponymous design studio Cocorico Paris, presents around fifteen products. Treated in colors underlined in black, seats, table and other accessories are now part of an entity specific to the needs of the community.

Still a neophyte in terms of design culture a few years ago, David has today earned his stripes as an emeritus editor and improvised designer with the Victor armchair with seventies accents.

Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda

© HAYMANN Editions
© HAYMANN Editions