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Global design: from material to decision

Next September, the very young CY design school, within the Cergy university campus, will make its first start. And will offer innovative, global training to position designers among future decision-makers.

Dominique Sciamma left Strate, which he managed for seven years, to embark on an innovative project: CY design school, included in CY Cergy Paris University, within the CY Tech engineering school. Welcomed into CY Alliance, which brings together four graduate schools and thirteen grandes écoles, including Essec Business School, it thus joins the School of Architecture of Versailles, the National School of Landscaping or the National School of Art in Paris. Cergy. This design school aims to train global designers who will position themselves from matter to decision, to access all responsibilities in organizations, including the highest.

With François Germinet, president of the University of Cergy-Pontoise, Dominique Sciamma has the double ambition of intellectual excellence and professionalization. The school thus prepares designers to understand and integrate organizations through a massive investment in Human Sciences and interdisciplinarity within CY Alliance, within the framework of an intense pedagogy by project. It also offers a very large traditional workshop, a sensory design workshop, a Fablab, and a material library, co-financed by the Ile-de-France region. With a total cost of 10,500 euros over five years (free for scholarship holders), it is five times cheaper than some private design schools. The last two years of the course are alternated.

The school is set up on the very green IxBlue Campus in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a true High Tech and academic ecosystem, where Jean Prouvé has left his monumental mark in the Lobby of the establishment under the shaped like a staircase that goes up, that goes up… like the small university of Cergy.

Bénédicte Duhalde

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L’école s’installe sur le très vert Campus d’IxBlue à Saint-Germain-en- Laye, où Jean Prouvé a d’ailleurs laissé sa tracedans le lobby de l’établissement sous la forme d’un escalier monumental.