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Glass in a stone case

From the residency at MusVerre was born the exhibition “Letters of glass, an eclipse of the object”, resulting from research between the artist Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc (JBSB) and four glass craftsmen. A delightful discovery in this beautiful museum, too little known, carved in blue stone in the heart of Avesnois.

Magical, soft and bewitching… These are the key words of the scenography of Franck Lecorne and Nell Doutreligne, for the exhibition “Letters of glass, an eclipse of the object” at MusVerre in Sars-Poteries. In an imaginary fade, the immaculate white Japanese paper box illuminates the glass works, designed during the residency of artist and designer Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc. About the ? The creation of an alphabet unlike any other, between the Mineral typography and the play of the material, sometimes stretched, melted or compressed, depending on the technique used.

La lettre B, l'une des 26 présentes dans l'exposition. © Lettre B verre soufflé Karine Faby
Le N, création artistique visible dans l'exposition. Lettre N © MusVerre

The hand of the craftsman is actively present, and “the syndrome of the breakage”, a pervasive reality well known to the masters of the fire. Thanks to the close collaboration of the four glassmakers who evolved step by step with the artist, the language of matter, of the color of transparency, reached its peak in the exhibition “Letters of glass, an eclipse of the object. “. A fertile dialogue began between JBSB and the glassmakers who brought their unique know-how: Hugues Desserme, glass bending, Stéphane Rivoal, flame glass, Simon Muller, cane blowing and Didier Richard, the glass paste.

Vue de l'exposition ''Lettres de verre, une éclipse de l’objet'' © MusVerre

In the 2000 m2 workshop integrated into the MusVerre, we go from hot to cold, according to the approaches to the work that shape and deform the object, weaving a strong bond between the hand of the craftsman and the drawing. “ In this project, I wanted to free myself from the constraint of ordering objects for a brand, however prestigious it may be, »Says Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc. The list of words à la Pérec, the choice of the typo and the non-message got the better of this alphabet whose formats and opaque or translucent colors, follow the hazards of know-how. “ There is no sense of reading the letter which can quickly blur and tend towards abstraction “. A matter of reflection, glass exerts a power of capturing light, but also a set of processes which have the capacity to act on our imagination. And if the works raise the question of technicality as obvious, glass nonetheless exercises its power of seduction and fascination.

Anne Swynghedauw

Exhibition “Lettres de verre, an eclipse of the object”, at MusVerre until January 9, 2022.
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