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GamFratesi, creative articulation

The Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi, formed by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, was born in 2006. Both influenced by their respective cultural heritage, they combine their achievements with traditional Danish craftsmanship and the conceptual approach to Italian design. From Hermès to Porro, GamFratesi never ceases to stand out with elegant and functional creations that command respect.

While one studies and works as an architect in Italy and Japan, the other does the same in Sweden and Denmark. Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi met during their studies in Italy at the university of architecture. They then discover that they share the same vision of design: “We have a deep respect for the Scandinavian masters whose work translates into a combination of unique craftsmanship and functional design. Our esteem for Italian masters is sparked by their intellectual approach to design. It is for these reasons that our inspirations come both from the craft tradition of classic Danish furniture and from the Italian intellectual approach. » With humility, the duo thus develops a sharp and analytical look at the history of their field of expertise, furniture design.

One style, two cultures

Established in Denmark since 2006, GamFratesi design their projects “Italian style”; their original concept most often results in the final product. “We try to preserve the original idea until the end. It’s very Italian as a way of working! But the result always remains hybrid since it reflects the symbiosis of two cultures, while bringing a new reading to a familiar object. Then comes the production phase, treated in a Scandinavian way in its simplicity and functionality but also in respect of the customer’s DNA. “It ‘s an honest fusion that makes the collaboration always very interesting. »

The duo collaborates with several international entities in Scandinavia, Italy and France as well as in Japan.

Miau chair, edited by Koyori, design GamFratesi

Reconnus par leurs pairs, ils reçoivent de nombreuses récompenses importantes comme le prix Vico Magistretti par DePadova, the Chicago Atheneum Museum of Architecture’s Good Design Award, Best Danish Designer 2012 par Bolig Magasinet, ‘Walk the Plank award 2009’ et Best Danish Designer 2009 par RUM.Young Designer of the Year 2013, EDIDA (Elle Decoration International design award).

« Nous avons eu une longue collaboration avec Hermès pour des expositions et des vitrines, nous travaillons avec des branches italiennes telles que Minotti, Poltrona Frau, De Padova, Porro et Gebruther Thonet Vienna. » Au Danemark, Gamfratesi travaille avec Louis Poulsen, Royal Copenhagen, Hay et Kvadrat.

Etiquette sofa, produced by De Padova, design GamFratesi © Tommaso Sartori
Lido armchair, edited by Minotti, design GamFratesi

Ten years after

The Beetle chair, inspired by the shell of the beetle, is made up of two shells as a seat and backrest. Edited by the Danish Gubi, it is the most symbolic piece of Gamfratesi’s creations. “This is one of the most complex projects we have done. Many samples were needed to develop the first prototype.”

It then took nearly two years before the product could be launched on the market. Since then, the seat has undergone numerous improvements and is now available as an armchair and a bar stool, all offered in numerous finishes. “It has become an iconic piece that contains all the ingredients of our philosophy and the very essence of our design: harmony, roundness, originality and quality are combined in a very personal product. » A best-seller whose multiple counterfeits sign its international success!

Violin chair, edited by Gubi, design GamFratesi
Beetle chair, edited by Gubi, design GamFratesi

In symbiosis on stage and in the city

Contrasts are central to the inspirations of Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi who live and work together. Their differences, whether individual or cultural, combined with their common interests and skills, allow very constructive confrontations. All stages of the research and development process are done with four hands. “We are both so involved that it is often impossible to distinguish who started or finished what. And the result is ultimately a fusion of the two of us. »

This diversity is reflected in the choice of companies with which Gamfratesi associates itself. “Italian companies are always very tied to communication, language or technical details. For the Nordics, the process is different, it values the search for formal simplicity and the relationship with nature. We like to keep this duality very stimulating. »

Cestlavie table, produced by Poltrona Frau, design GamFratesi
Soffi lamp, edited by Poltrona Frau, design GamFratesi

Nature, limitless inspiration

Very inspired by nature, the duo discovers its simplicity and beauty over time. “Everything is kind of perfect. This does not mean that it should be transcribed into the design, but to echo some of its nuances, subtly. It is a parallel work that we do by looking at nature” . And it is probably no coincidence that Stine likes wood as his favorite material. The interaction between an individual and a product is one of the aspects taken into account by GamFratesi in their creative approach. They remain convinced that the impact of the interior environment can be positive on the individual and generate good humor, like the “Royal Creature” tableware collection designed for Royal Copenhagen. Here, after an in-depth study of animals with scales, they have reinterpreted a very poetic fauna with great lightness and respect for tradition. “The product should be able to create a personal relationship with its user, hoping that it can last for generations. »

Apple Watch presentation, Hermes Japan, scenography by Gamfratesi © Nacása & Partners

If Gamfratesi selects with parsimony the projects they accept to continue to work in an artisanal way and in the intimacy of their partner, they tend to create in a more global way lately. “We like to interact with interiors and the space as a whole in order to integrate our philosophy into it. It’s an interesting new challenge. »

Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda

Car air freshener Acqua di Parma, produced by Poltrona Frau, design Gam Fratesi
Car air freshener Acqua di Parma, produced by Poltrona Frau, design Gam Fratesi