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Gainerie 91 competition: the 2021 winners unveiled

For this 8th edition of the Gainerie 91 competition, the students worked on the storytelling of luxury brands. They were invited to create:a unique and surprising moment allowing a brand to reveal itself more intimately to its customer but also to intensify the emotional link between the user and his object “. More than 300 candidates have submitted projects around packaging or a POS offering a new customer experience.

The Gainerie 91 competition is aimed at design students, young graduates less than 1 year old and living in France, its objective is to stimulate the creativity of students in the field of luxury packaging. Namely, the most innovative and creative proposals are of course rewarded, but also prototyped in the workshops of the Gainerie 91 Group. As previous laureates have witnessed during the awards ceremony, this is an important asset for their subsequent professional career.

The winners this year received a newly designated trophy by the Noir Vif studio, at the crossroads a designer’s pen and a bone folder, the all-purpose tool of the sheath-making craftsman. It is made of stainless steel and available in 4 versions: gold, silver, bronze and matt pink gold.

1er prix « Galets de papier » GUILLAUME BRISSOT - École Condé Lyon

“A white box which when opened reveals a protective motif. A surprise that the brand reserves for its client, a little attention that testifies to the importance that the brand has for her. This attention is manifested when the perfume truly becomes that of the client and comes into her life. ”
REWARD: 1 ASUS Pro Art PC or a € 2,500 check

2e prix « Kabuki » ROMANE GAULTIER & CATHELLE DENOUE- École de design Nantes Atlantique

“This packaging contains a Japanese landscape typical of Kabuki decors. This monochrome scenography invites the user to create their own theatrical narration. This packaging is also presented as a POS, invites us to spray and smell the scent of the perfume directly on the walls of the packaging. ”
REWARD: 1 Eames Plywood group DCW chair or a check for 1500 €

3e prix « Message in a Bottle » BENOÎT CHARRIÈRE –École de design Nantes Atlantique

“In these times of doubt and when loneliness has taken on a new dimension because of confinements, I have come to imagine the joy of people being able to receive a message in an original way in a bottle.”
REWARD: a Resin 3D printer + refill or a check for 1000 €

Prix du Public : « ParcheVin » RAPHAËL COUSTRE-MIANNE- Ecole d'architecture de la ville & des territoires Paris-Est

“ParcheVin is embodied by the assembly of rigid cork bands, linked by the exterior leather, in such a way as to give cork all its nobility, while invoking the world of oenology. “

REWARD: Adobe Creative annual membership or € 800 check

The selection

After an initial examination and support by the Gainerie 91 teams, the finalists presented their project orally to a jury of professionals, attentive to the following criteria: quality of the file (form, content), respect for the luxury market, technical feasibility (in particular by Gainerie 91), innovation, design and for this edition: originality of the experience offered.
This year the jury was composed of:

– Guillaume Lehoux, and André Fontes, Designers and co-founders of Studio Noir Lively
– Alexandra Lefebvre, Uniform POS development purchasing group manager – Cartier
– Aurélien Szpunar, Head of Custom Furniture Studies – Hermès
–Stéphane Lefondeur, Head of Development – Pernod Ricard
– Nathalie Degardin, Editor-in-chief, Intramuros
– Leonard Pallardy, Technical Designer – Gainerie 91
– Delphine Eschasseriaux, Sales Director – Gainerie 91
– Coraly Caponi, Designer Creation and innovation – Gainerie 91