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News / Gabriela Noelle, entry into the big leagues

Gabriela Noelle, entry into the big leagues

Cuban-American artist Gabriela Noelle creates objects ranging from colorful stools to sculptures exhibited in parks. As seen through the eyes of a child, all the pieces she produces are largely inspired by the world of childhood. An invitation to color and imagination.

The project “The Toadstool Project” by artist Gabriela Noelle (to be found in the shopping selection of Intramuros 211 ), is a series of colorful collectible stools largely inspired by painters such as Kenneth Noland or Frank Stella. Composed of pieces that are all unique, each little “mushroom” has a distinct color gradient, which is created digitally. The objective: to explore the different relationships between colors through the creation of interesting optical effects.

Cuban-American artist Gabriela Noelle

Creations in favor of respect for the environment


The advent of “The Toadstool Project” is based on a narrative centered on our future environment and the creation made possible through sharing and mutual respect between all humans. Sensitive to issues related to sustainability, the reduction of its carbon footprint and its production of waste, Gabriela Noelle therefore quite naturally made the choice to produce a limited series of 36 copies.

Gabriela Noelle, The Toadstool Project
Gabriela Noelle, The Toadstool Project