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News / France Design Week: Vitrines Bleues back in Montpellier

France Design Week: Vitrines Bleues back in Montpellier

After the success of the first edition of the Vitrines Bleues in September 2021, the Indigo D’Oc designers’ collective will once again set up shop in the Ecusson of Montpellier from September 16 to October 1.

The Vitrines Bleues is an exhibition of design projects organized in about thirty shop windows of partner merchants in the city of Montpellier. This second edition is planned on the occasion of France Design Week and should allow designers and companies from Montpellier to present their work and know-how to the general public. Thus, this exhibition invites each visitor to better understand the different stages of the creation of an object, a concept, a graphic design … starting from the idea to the finished product, through the different paths that lead to the completion of a project.

A new edition means new partners


Thus, for this new edition, the Indigo d’Oc collective is surrounded by notable partners, namely the Herault-based manufacturer of art fireplaces Focus, the architectural firm AB Stuctures, the Studio ROOF and the Salvignol & Associates firm.
Vitrines Bleues can count on the participation of 30 designers: Adrien Heinrich, Luigi Priolo, Carole Serny, Jeanne GoutelleNicolas Meric, Dominique Imbert and Christophe Ployé, Emmanuel Magnin, Karim Rashid, Huub Ubbens, Simona Abruzzini & Waly Seck, Mateo Rouvier, Mathilde Tramini, Intactile DESIGN, Aldo Rossi, Studio Roof, La Botte Gardiane, Jérôme Peyronnet, Olivier Boscournu, Sandrine Rozier, Roméo Rouvière, Nathalie Trovato, Romuald Fleury, Elisabeth Vidal, Aino & Alvar Aalto, Camille Brabant & Naomi Rossignol, Maïa Amiel, Nathalie Pruneau.

Studio Roof
Studio Roof

A playful journey, entirely free of charge


The Vitrines Bleues exhibition is free and open to all those who are curious about or already passionate about design. The map of the route will soon be available on the website of the Indigo d’Oc collective and each partner merchant will have paper maps and signs in their windows so that visitors can easily find their way around.
Also, the Indigo d’Oc collective will organize again its contest during the event, and the winner will win an animal creation from Studio ROOF.