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News / Events / France Design Week: 2nd edition from September 7 to 28, 2021

France Design Week: 2nd edition from September 7 to 28, 2021

Throughout France, these projects aim to promote design, while redefining its creativity, its commitment, its values, its know-how. Here is a selection of 8 events in France spotted by the editorial staff.

Felt in the spotlight (45)

Christine Piel opens the doors of her workshop and presents her work, which has its source in the heart of felted wool techniques, guided by the search for traditional know-how. While mastering the architectural dimension or the art of Nuo (wool and textile association), she mixes Asian and local influences. During the exhibition, one discovers there hangings adapted to the walls as well as to the floors but also masks or astonishing woolen sculptures bearing stories.

Location: 8 rue du Caslin, 45430 Bou
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A climatic bench (75)

As part of the FAIRE program, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal offers, with the support of the Town Hall of the 13th arrondissement, a device inspired by the Provençal well to refresh the public space during summer heat waves. The climatic bench, made of stone from the Paris Basin, is operational to capture and distribute the fresh air available in natural quarries thanks to the ventilation system which is triggered at more than 25 °. This street furniture project is designed as a team by architects Frédéric Blaise, Guillaume Duranel, Julia Lenoir (Alt agency) and designers Emma Lelong, Rémi Nguyen.

Place: place Jeanne d’Arc, Paris 13th
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100% region (62)

All is a brand that offers a whole range of emblematic objects from the northern Pas-de-Calais territory, manufactured or designed in the region, available mainly at the Autour du Louvre Lens store. Inspired by the work of Li Edelkoort according to a book of values, more than a tourist shopping, All plays the signature, being part of a co-creation process, which associates a designer and the know-how of a French company. Paying homage to the mining basin, are exhibited serigraphs, candlesticks, and candles inspired by corons, miner’s soaps, coal box.

Location: Hôtel Louvre Lens, 168 rue Paul Bert, 62300 Lens
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Awakening the senses (13)

Inspired by regional products from the Pays d’Arles, Rosa Pilpel offers a sensory journey between Alpilles, Crau and Camargue. The ephemeral exhibition aims to translate the know-how and commitment of more than 1,800 producers. Fruit of the work of Chloé Maugard, artistic director and Lily Gratzfeld, master craftsman, the original culinary design installation is a multi-sensory demonstration of this new profession between contemporary art and haute cuisine. Organized by the PETR du Pays d’Arles and Entre Alpilles, Crau et Camargue, and a collective of quality labels to promote local products.

Location: Saint Césaire Convent, impasse des Mourgues, 13200 Arles

Participatory Architecture (44)

By reorganizing certain spaces of the Hôtel de Ville, the city of Vertou called on the architects of Atelier du Lieu and the designer Sylvie Charbonneau, CréiD design, for the interior design. The challenge ? A citizen project, carried out in co-construction, since the users (agents, inhabitants, elected officials or visitors), have tested the prototypes for 5 months, spaces and furniture elements. During the participatory workshops, everyone was able to give their opinion on the atmospheres, the choice of materials or colors.
Delimited in three spaces (office, reception, exhibition) the new place includes a Muscadéthèque, whose scenography, signed by the designer, is inspired by cabinets reflecting the region’s wine heritage. The office space plays with transparency and fluidity, with a custom-designed sofa, all in curves, integrating electrical and usb connections. Note the children themselves also have their hut furniture, specially designed to counter the wait for certain appointments.

Location: Town Hall 2 place St Martin, 44120 Vertou

Eco-responsible scenography (44)

The proposed scenography is the culmination of nine works-shops accessible to various professionals and individuals via a Doodle link. The collaborative drawing workshops and the creative work allowed the realization of nine unique canvases scale one, in collaboration with the computer work of Tand’M and in partnership with a Nantes printer. During the inauguration, these printed decorations are cut on site and reused to personalize notebooks offered to participants and sold to other audiences.

Location: Tand’M Design show-room, 47 bd Gabriel Lauriol, 44300 Nantes.
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Green design (69)

In order to demonstrate the impact and costs of a product or service and of digital since its conception, the 19 Hz designer collective is offering a day for professionals, companies and start-ups. On the program to create more sustainable products, and more responsible for the planet, an exhibition of concrete cases of applied eco-design approaches (prototype, or product / service already launched) and discussions with project leaders, designers or founders, a round table with a selection of speakers (companies / start-ups, designers, experts, etc.), hotlines in the form of design coaching (free) open to professionals upon pre-registration, etc.

Location: 70 quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon.
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