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Flos presents its 2023 collections

In Milan during the Euroluce show, Flos presented its new products including collaborations with the Bouroullec brothers, Konstantin Grcic or Philippe Malouin.

The 31st edition of Euroluce was held in Milan from April 18 to 23. With a completely redesigned exhibition plan to ensure better connections between the four pavilions and simplify the visitor’s path, the return of Euroluce was an opportunity to discover the latest in lighting. With a concept and a thread centered on the luminous city, the power of imagination and concrete vision characterized the interdisciplinary cultural content, transforming Euroluce into a positive pole of emotions and knowledge. Among the participants was the Italian brand Flos, which presented its 2023 collections.

Black Flag by Konstantin Grcic


Though named after the famous punk rock band, German designer Konstantin Grcic’s Black Flag lamp embodies the rebellious spirit of its namesake with a minimal art form that extends into a bold and highly functional fixture.

Black Flag, design: Konstantin Grcic © Flos

Workmates Office Lounge


A new workspace solution from Flos Architectural, Workmates is a family of luminaires that includes pendant, ceiling, track and floor. Unique in the office sector, their shapes are combined with cutting-edge technology that emits light up and down for optimal workplace wellness.

Workmates Collection, design: Flos Architectural © Flos
Workmates Collection, design: Flos Architectural © Flos

Emi by Erwan Bouroullec


The new Emi luminaire, designed by Erwan Bouroullec, brings professional technology and quality lighting into the home as it creates light from shadow. With Flos technology, invisible light sources reflect light off walls, ceilings or any other surface they may encounter.

Emi, design : Erwan Bouroullec © Flos
Emi, design : Erwan Bouroullec © Flos

Bilboquet by Philippe Malouin


Both playful and precise, Bilboquet, the first lamp by Canadian Philippe Malouin for Flos, is inspired by both a 16th century French ball game and magnetic joints. The result is a fully adjustable, future-proof lamp available in Sage, Tomato or Linen.and the body remains in darkness.

Bilboquet, design : Philippe Malouin © Flos

Ceramic by Ronan Bouroullec


Knowing perfectly the unique panorama of Italian craftsmanship, Flos explores ceramics for the first time and presents the new Céramique lamp by designer Ronan Bouroullec, made entirely by hand.

Ceramic, design : Ronan Bouroullec © Flos

2097 White by Gino Sarfatti


In 1958, the Italian Gino Sarfatti created his version of the traditional Murano glass chandelier with the incredibly modern 2097, revolutionizing this type of lighting fixture by transforming functional cables and bulbs into decorative elements. In 2023, the 2097 has not aged a bit and is now available in a new color: matte white.

2097 chandelier, white matte version, design: Gino Sarfatti © Flos
2097 chandelier, white matte version, design: Gino Sarfatti © Flos