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Events / D21 / Flos innovates in residential lighting

Flos innovates in residential lighting

Seen at Paris Design Week! Flos mixes innovation and simplicity in these two LED lighting systems. With Belt, the Bouroullec brothers offer a concentrate of aerial technology which takes up the codes of the leather belt. With Oblique, Vincent Van Duysen rethinks the lighting and layout of the work area.

Belt © Studio Bouroullec

For Flos, the Bouroullec brothers move the belt from the dressing room to the ceiling. Belt follows the natural drape of supple leather, infusing fluidity and lightness into this large-format lighting system.
The light beams are housed on the edges, interspersed with “belts” linked together and secured by a series of hardware loops, allowing modular configurations. Wired and mounted to the ceiling, the suspended lighting system allows an installation without visible bindings, with harmonious lines that can extend and progress to infinity.

Oblique © Flos

The Oblique table lamp, by Antwerp architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen, is thin but robust and compact. The rod rotates 355 ° around its axis to direct the asymmetric beam to illuminate the entire work surface.
The base has a built-in wireless charging system that allows users to charge their smartphones while freeing desks from the clutter of wires and cables.

15 rue de Bourgogne, 75007 Paris
20-22 Passage Dauphine, 75006 Paris