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News / Design / Fashion & Luxury: creation of the “Savoir Faire Ensemble” – Tribune group.

Fashion & Luxury: creation of the “Savoir Faire Ensemble” – Tribune group.

At the beginning of April 2020, French Fashion & Luxury companies undertook to manufacture the masks and gowns necessary for healthcare workers in their fight against Covid-19. The Sector’s Strategic Committee recently announced the creation of the “Savoir Faire Ensemble” group in order to confirm and coordinate its commitment.

Tribune. “For four weeks, across France, we have been more than 830 companies of all sizes, mobilized for a common objective: to use our industrial tools to manufacture what the French desperately need, masks and gowns.

For the majority of us, we had never made these products. However, as soon as the confinement was announced, we had the will to invest ourselves completely in order to contribute to this collective and spontaneous effort. We made this choice consciously and with the pride of being of service to all of us, women and men who work in our companies. Without losing anything of what we have learned, nor forgetting our customers, we have taken the risk of putting aside our habits, our pending orders, to plunge into the unknown by taking up the challenge of these new manufacturing processes.

This fundamental movement has been reinforced day after day, our productions are consolidated with already more than 8.7 million masks manufactured. Beyond an indispensable helping hand, it is a real commitment to which we stand: to manufacture millions of products to protect the French population.
We also make this commitment with the future in mind.
The textile and clothing industry has lost a large number of jobs in recent decades following successive waves of relocation. Anchored in our territories, it has been able to consolidate its high level of know-how, agility and creativity. She is ready to face any challenge. Today, beyond the feeling of being useful in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, it is the conviction shared by all those who work courageously in the workshops, in companies, in the industrial sites of our country.

Fashion is always reinventing itself. It is by focusing on it being sustainable, innovative and transparent that we will be able to strengthen our competitiveness, participate in industrial relocation and create jobs.
It is for today and tomorrow the ambitious mission that we have set ourselves: KNOW HOW TO DO TOGETHER. ”

All the details on the grouping on the site of “ Know How Together