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Family cabin in Canada

In osmosis with its environment and attached to its vintage architecture, the chalet on the tip, renovated by Paul Bernier Architecture, has retained its initial volume while incorporating an elevation.

Built of logs, an ancestral tradition in Canada, the chalet sur la pointe has belonged to the same family for 40 years. And we understand why. The spectacular backdrop of wilderness surrounded by water has seduced owners for several generations, with its anchorage on a rocky outcrop. Renovating the original building and considering its extension, such were the challenges of the architects. But the proximity to the shore, making the additional surface on the ground complicated, led them to add a floor integrated into the original construction; only a smaller veranda room was designed at ground level. Without distorting the original chalet, retaining the explicit reading and melting into the wooded space of the strata and the marks of time, the project has been remodeled at the four cardinal points towards the views overlooking the lake.

© Raphaël Thibodeau / V2 com

Contrast and continuity of two periods of construction


The chalet on the rustic point and the contemporary extension respond to each other by now forming an entity: the sloping roof with traditional wide overhangs rubs shoulders with the monolithic design whose structure takes up the architectural particularities (dark wood, slope). We also find in the chalet a certain mixture of genres. The specific features of the 50s to 70s blend into the spaces: the slanted windows or the existing stone fireplace have been restored. Visible on all sides, the latter is a central pillar, while the new, light and refined staircase becomes the skilful common thread of the elevation. Finally, the initial ceiling height was preserved, but the old weakened roof was removed and replaced by a Douglas fir structure supporting the new floor.

© Raphaël Thibodeau / V2 com
© Raphaël Thibodeau / V2 com

Light as a guide


The architects have particularly well thought out the orientation of the extensions according to the path of light throughout the day. On the ground floor, the two skylights discreetly inserted into the structure of the new room installed to the south, create the link with the exterior and interior light. Thanks to the extra height, the floor benefits from a magnificent view of the lake and the sky, which also allows the ground floor to be illuminated with natural light. From the high-perched master bedroom and its adjoining bathroom, one can appreciate the tranquility of the panorama of the lake. Through a large vertical opening to the east, the morning light filters down to the ground floor through the floor of the translucent glass walkway. A large window at the top of the stairs also acts as a skylight.

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Of wood and stone


The chalet on the point, built in the classic way of logs, rests on a stone foundation whose outlines can be seen. Anchored on the site, this solid base helps to integrate the chalet into its natural environment. Stone and solid wood are also used inside, creating a beautiful harmony of tones.

Anne Swynghedauw

© Raphaël Thibodeau / V2 com