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ENSCi is 40 years old

The Ecole nationale supérieure de création industrielle (ENSCi) has just celebrated its 40th anniversary. An event structured in several strong times, and which gave place to the publication of a collector magazine, in partnership with Intramuros.

For four decades, this French public design school has trained more than 1500 designers. Some have become international references, others have created design labs within the companies they have joined. Some have opened up design to new fields of investigation, from the study of living ecosystems to public policy.

Highlights for a birthday party


ENSCi has chosen to celebrate the event in several stages. In September, it inaugurated the Bis, near the Place de la Bastille, and an exhibition space on the rue de Lyon, echoing the work done at the school: until December 11, “PlasticoBis” will be on display, exploring the issues of plastic in industrial production, addressing alternatives to plastic, its responsible use and the issue of recycling.

On November 21 and 22, the school also initiated “crossed voices” at the end of a week of student workshops and in the context of meetings and debates around “Words and industrial gestures”, addressing the issues of the environment, design and social innovation, the question of imaginary in industry … in a panel of speakers involving students, young graduates, industrialists, designers, manufacturers … Find here the videos of the exchanges.

An anniversary special


To mark this anniversary, ENSCi has decided to entrust Intramural the writing of a book by accepting this bias: to highlight the school’s pedagogy, so intrinsically linked to its DNA, and to emphasize the new territories of exploration of design that the school is helping to bring to light. This is the logic of the first two parts (“The school within the school” and “Doing: the laboratory of tomorrow’s industry”) and then of the following parts (“Taking into account the living”, “Territories in motion”, “Human being/Care”). In a desire to convey the voice of ENSCi’s actors, the testimonies gathered come from teachers, alumni, as well as partners. A pillar of the school and mentor to many designers, Marc Berthier was one of the first to answer our questions. He left us at the beginning of November: this book is dedicated to him.