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Ekkin, a new look at the outdoor kitchen

Last September, during Paris Design Week, French Design by VIA presented the results of its annual incubator session. We discovered the Parta module, the result of the collaboration between the designer Samuel Accoceberry and the very recent company Ekkin : This outdoor kitchen module includes an ingenious opening system that allows you to double the surface of the worktop by sliding the upper parts to the side. A look back at this collaboration with Florent Canini, founder of Ekkin.

Read the special outdoor feature in issue 215 of Intramuros.

You recently set up EKKIN: what was your initial assessment?


We were strongly influenced by the way of life in the South-West, very marked by Spain where the outside has a preponderant place in the ways of life as well as the conviviality and the greed. And we quickly realized that the existing furniture was scattered, often too small and narrow, and that it was necessary to combine a lot of heterogeneous elements in order to gather all the functionalities. We chose to transpose into a single module all the comfort and ergonomics of a real kitchen. Without forgetting the conviviality that it generates in many occasions, like those very nice moments when everyone gathers with a glass in hand around the one who puts the final touch to the preparation of the dinner.

How long did it take to finalize this first product presented in 2022?


Between the first meeting and the finalization: 2 years. It was also the creation of a brand, EKKIN, in addition to a product, Parta, so it was a new and complete adventure for us.

Parta Kitchen module, design : Samuel Accoceberry, Ekkin © David Duchon-Doris

What were your expectations when you hired an external designer?


I was looking for a technical skill coupled with a creative skill. Samuel Accoceberry was immediately interested in our industrial tool and metal work, which he already knew a little about, which pleased me. I wanted him to bring his outside perspective and guarantee that the product would be consistent with the market, innovative and in line with usage. But of course, none of this could have happened if there hadn’t been a good understanding and trust from the start. The human element is paramount.

Your brief?


An outdoor kitchen: something where you can meet, standing or sitting, easy, practical, with the most compact kitchen possible around a plancha.

Parta Kitchen module, design : Samuel Accoceberry, Ekkin © David Duchon-Doris
Parta Kitchen module, design : Samuel Accoceberry, Ekkin © David Duchon-Doris

What did registering in the French Design incubator bring you in concrete terms?


Benefiting from the French Design by VIA incubator brought us a lot of things, like meeting people from the hotel industry and questioning the product on its environmental impact in particular. Help on the normative aspect, essential for products integrating electrical equipment. They went far, by having our products tested by beta-testers; they gave us interesting feedback on the grip of the product, its perception in real kitchen situations. This has led to some good questions and improvements. And we were also able to make a first presentation of the product to the general public during an exhibition and to break in a little.

Parta kitchen module, design : Samuel Accoceberry © Ekkin

What is the breakdown of your customers?


This product is intended not only for individuals who have an exterior, terrace or garden, but also for professionals, hoteliers, restaurant owners, caterers, in or involved in events for example.