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News / Design / Furniture / Ego Paris and studio 5.5 rely on modularity with Sutra

Ego Paris and studio 5.5 rely on modularity with Sutra

Last year, Ego Paris presented the fruit of the first collaboration with the 5.5 design studio, the Sutra collection, a set of modules to be arranged according to your needs and space. This year, side tables or lighting complete these initial elements by clipping onto the walls: a pragmatic and skillful “Plug & Play”.

They had been looking for a while to work together, and it was finally around a redefinition of Kama, a best-selling collection from Ego Paris, that Studio 5.5 and the French manufacturer found themselves. A few years ago, the Kama collection anticipated the need for modularity to constantly adapt an outdoor space to the needs, and this is certainly what has been one of the keys to its success, both for large outdoor spaces, than to meet an urban demand. According to Nicolas Sommereux, one of the founders, “ this range needed to be reinvented around objects and elements. ” A challenge taken up by studio 5.5: to offer a new set with variable geometry, around 4 modules and a table.

Ego Paris, Collection Sutra, design Studio 5.5, © A. Childeric Studio Kalice

The Sutra collection was taking shape. Jean Sébastien Blanc explains: “We liked this idea of ‘smart design’. We started with the design of the table, which opens with a simple sliding and expands to adapt to the number of guests. “

The aesthetic signature of the collection is traced: today, in the last elements, we find this approach of interlocking and deployment in the design of nesting tables. “For us, use precedes form, to find the DNA of the collection, we had to integrate this evolving, modular use”, up to a plug & play principle in which accessories complete the layout of the micro-architecture designed by the assembly of the seating modules.

Workshop in situ

The reflection and design of the collection were the subject of a workshop directly on the Ego Paris site. According to the designers, “After the first drawings, to set up the first prototypes, we sat around a table and we worked with the elements we had on hand: we put clamps on the tubes in aluminum, we have associated – even cut like a Lego set – various pieces, elements of the Kama collection; this is the best way to confront real scales, to work on proportions and understand the production tools available: we have come to apply industrial methods to an approach that starts out as artisanal. “

Identified aesthetics

For structure and aesthetics, the studio is inspired by ganivelles, fences formed by assembling wooden slats, a protective barrier that is traditionally seen on coastal paths: “In the gardens, there was a need to structure, to re-compartmentalize spaces in a natural environment, to recreate areas of privacy, for example. “ And the set of slats from the Sutra collection is reminiscent of the protective trellises found on terraces to isolate from the view of neighbors.
The Sutra collection consists of 5 seat modules and a table, to which have recently been added a square coffee table, a tablet, and a led lamp, autonomous and rechargeable, which also comes to be clipped between the slats or can also to be on foot.

Ego Paris, collection Sutra © A. Chlideric Studio Kalice
La tablette en aluminium se glisse entre les lattes des modules Sutra, fixée grâce à un crochet.
Tables Gigogne, collection Sutra, dessinés par les 5.5
Lampe Torch, collection Sutra

Among the latest elements of the Sutra collection designed by the 5.5, these aluminum Nesting tables take up the graphic and modular principle of the range.

Composed of a lacquered aluminum tube and an LED source protected by a translucent polycarbonate diffuser, the Torch lamp, autonomous and rechargeable, offers three different light intensities. It can be used on its own or slipped between the slats of the modules.