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Éditions du Coté, Chénel processes, Co-publishing…: When publishing is a family affair

Succeeding generations of creatives, having the ability to reinvent and sustain a family business is often a heavy burden to bear. However, some houses are enthusiastic and make the past an open heritage in the future. Sharing of experiences with the Chenel Processes, Co-editions and the Coté Editions.

Chénel processes: each generation has its own stone

If each family has its own markers, those of the Chénels pass above all through love and admiration. Four generations have succeeded in this creative and innovative adventure that has become the Chénel International Processes, and this since 1896 please! Sophie, great-granddaughter of the founder Gilles Ranno, is now at the head of this company specializing in the design of space planning techniques. Dedicated to exhibitions and events in France and abroad, the Chenel Processes first work with wood and develop widely until 1991 thanks to the first two generations. It was after studying architecture that Guy Chénel, Sophie’s father, took over the business in 1963. With more than 50 patents to his credit, Guy is growing the business.

Today, Sophie has taken up the torch and continues to develop various fire-retardant papers that the company has created. Paper, cardboard and other M1 fire-resistant textiles are transformed, folded, embossed, glued in honeycombs or even perforated, before covering the walls, lighting elements and ceilings of places dedicated to events. Many customers are asking for more. For the 2021 collections, Channel called on Chénel to dress its windows internationally. For Sophie, transmission is based on the emotional bond between a company and its manager. This link has been woven over time, but also with the heart because she knew how to bring soul to her house.

Made from recyclable cardboard.
A paper-like, non-woven material made of cellulose, polyester and fiberglass.
Honeycomb in Drop Paper ®
Decorative light elements made of paper in various shapes and sizes in Drop Paper®
Classified fire M1, freestanding or suspended
The interior lighting of the paper luminaire can be created by fluorescent colors to obtain a variety of shades.
Honeycomb Modules allows you to create curved or straight walls by overlapping modules.
Succession of screens cut according to the desired pattern.

At Coédition: from father to son

When a father and his son decide to work together to create a publishing house in their image, by attaching the most beautiful signatures to their new brand, this gives an entity based on transmission and a passion for beauty. Thirty-five years after founding Artelano, a mythical Italian-inspired publishing house, Samuel Coriat joined forces with his son Charles, a student at the time, to found a new one with the evocative name of Coedition. For this, they call on designers who tick all the boxes of their specifications. Above all demanding, the pair tends towards consistency and creativity in the various collaborations set up. Building coherent collections, while preserving the difference of each personality is fundamental for Coedition.

Four historic designers from the Artelano house, Patricia Urquiola, Marco Anusso Jr., Shin Azumi and Olivier Gagnère, enter the dance, quickly joined by other no less talented designers. The products of Patrick Jouin, Sebastian Herkner or A+A Cooren, to name but a few, are gradually expanding Coedition’s proposals. Iconic piece of the house, the Altay armchair by Patricia Urquiola has been so successful that it is available in the same collection.

Sisters table, design Patricia Urquiola
COEDITION January 2020
Dalya armchair, design Patricia Urquiola
CO-EDITION © N. Millet
Palm Springs sofa designed by Anderssen & Voll, Co-editions © N. Millet

Editions du Coté: heritage identity

Couple in the city as in their publishing house launched in 2017, Elodie Maentler-Ducoté and Marc-Alexandre Ducoté chose the Basque Country, which they are not from, to set up there fifteen years ago. Éditions du Coté offers furniture and works of art that are both minimalist and timeless. The pieces are made in concert between the artist, the craftsman and the publisher, always in a short circuit. This is how the balance of the first three collections came about very naturally. Éditions du Coté has surrounded itself with artists from all walks of life: sculptors, designers, musicians and even dancers collaborate on the brand’s projects. Everything is produced between the Basque country and Aquitaine, within a radius of 20 km for most pieces, in limited edition, made-to-measure or on demand with the aim of highlighting the know-how of regional craftsmen.

Beyond this enhancement, their goal is to develop these existing expertise, by pushing the reflection towards new techniques in particular. A theme is defined by collection, often inspired by the environment. Artzain, their first collection, echoes the Basque shepherd, Ondulations is an evocation of the coast and Perspectives pays homage to present and future cultural aspects. If the philosophy of the house is singularity, it also symbolizes the gratitude that Elodie and Marc-Alexandre have towards a land that has been able to welcome them with open arms.

Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda

Gallery, Editions du Coté © Melanie Torok
Maddi Bi, Editions du Coté
''Cork as a memory of rootedness. Glass as a mineral having risen to the transparency of the wind. A coffee table sculpture''
© Melanie Torok