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News / Edelgrund brings the carpet and the kilim into the modern world

Edelgrund brings the carpet and the kilim into the modern world

The Iranian publisher Edelgrund pays the most beautiful tribute to the Persian heritage by opposing its classical image.

This is the story of Persian rugs that are hand-woven in Tehran by small, expert Iranian hands. They are imagined, created and designed by almost pure Persian artists… Except that Edelgrund’s collection of rugs and kilims looks like anything but Persian rugs. Zero embellishment, no orientalism, no volutes and chatty interlacing, no colors included in the very traditional and stainless range of the classic Persian carpets – those that we all identify under this name become generic. Instead, every Edelgrund creation is a demonstration of modernity. The motifs are, so to speak, cubist, the strokes pointillist and the forms geometric. These designs are almost “graphic”, thrown and stacked in a modernist movement by designer Alireza Lofti and product developer Mahshid Askari. The colors are soft and contemporary, just spiced with light and greedy, electric or tasty shades, it’s your choice.

Ouwen & Paolo's © Jonas von der Hude & Irina Graewe/Edelgrund
Massal ©J onas von der Hude & Irina Graewe/Edelgrund

“Edelgrund’s designs reflect traditional Persian craftsmanship in a modern and expressive design language,” the house confirms from its German office. “With each piece, Edelgrund takes us on a journey to the historical roots of traditional manufacturing techniques, to materials of particular subtlety and provenance. Edelgrund’s in-house designers in Tehran, Iran, often draw inspiration from historical images, but in a modern interpretation. In addition, Edelgrund’s collaboration with international designers is a powerful motivation to push the boundaries of production and design capabilities.”.

Massal © Jonas von der Hude & Irina Graewe/Edelgrund
Alasht © Jonas von der Hude & Irina Graewe/Edelgrund

Les dessins très modernes, presque exploités à contre-emploi quand on parle d’artisanat séculaire, transmettent la richesse de la fabrication de tapis traditionnels d’une manière « rafraîchissante et nouvelle », a-t-on pu entendre dans les allées de Maison et Objet, où Edelgrung expose. Les produits sont faits à partir de laine 100% cueillie à la main, colorée avec des teintures végétales naturelles et du fil filé à la main. 

Isabelle Manzoni