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News / Design / Discover the brand new version of the Range Rover Velar!

Discover the brand new version of the Range Rover Velar!

Land Rover today unveiled the latest version of the Range Rover Velar. The stylish Range Velar, originally launched in 2017, gets a lot of changes for this new version. Small overview.

As a reminder, the Land Rover range is divided into two major families, the Land Rover range with the Defender and the Discovery and the Range Rover family composed of high-end vehicles, combining luxury and performance. The Range Rover range consists of four vehicles: the Range EVOQUE, the Range VELAR, the Range SPORT and finally the flagship: the Range ROVER.

The Range Rover Velar was launched in 2017, but has just been unveiled in a brand new version! Land Rover

Although this is only a facelift, the numerous stylistic changes and technical developments contribute to positioning the VELAR at a level of refinement, elegance and comfort never before achieved in the segment.

Range Rover Velar, the comfort of silence


In terms of exterior styling, the front headlights, grille and taillights represent the main aesthetic changes. The exclusive “Autobiography” version is offered for the first time on the Range Rover Velar with many refined features and 22-inch wheels. The subtle styling changes further enhance the elegance of the silhouette, which is characterized by a long rear overhang, a receding roofline and a pure surface treatment with no superfluous elements, as evidenced by the retractable, almost invisible door handles.

New Range Rover Velar model © Land Rover

It is certainly in the interior part that the most important evolutions are. Of course, many modifications and optimizations concern the command interfaces for which the ergonomics have been particularly well thought out. Silence on board being a fundamental sensory criterion in a luxury vehicle, the engineers and designers have developed a unique system of noise cancellation. This technology makes the interior of the new Range Velar the quietest in its class.

The front headlights, grille and taillights are among the aesthetic changes made to the new model © Land Rover

Multiple interior configurations are available, but it is undoubtedly the leather free option that is particularly innovative. Indeed, an alternative is proposed, composed of new materials whose qualities of comfort surpass leather, especially in the breathable side. Elegant combinations of interior drapery combining synthetic materials and natural wool give a modern, original and very classy atmosphere.

The interior of the vehicle is the one that has benefited the most from evolutions © Land Rover

A model true to Land Rover’s values


The Range Velar certainly best symbolizes Land Rover’s philosophy by offering a vehicle of great elegance and distinction, while remaining very true to the manufacturer’s intrinsic values, especially in its true off-road capabilities. The Velar’s sleek, modern styling respects the heritage of the brand’s earlier models, including the very first Range Rover from 1970.

Philip Nemeth