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Design & Life: designers sell their designs to help caregivers

Less than a month after its launch, the sums collected by the Design x life initiative are now close to 25,000 euros, for nearly 80 drawings and objects sold for the benefit of AP-HP. Sales continue until May 31.

The Art Design Lab has been organizing, since April 10, 2020, a charity sale for the benefit of nursing staff and researchers of the AP-HP Sorbonne University Hospital-University Group. At the origin of this initiative are Sam Baron and Karine Scherrer. From the start of the confinement, the designer wanted to show the role that design could have in the crisis: “I felt it was important to show society and especially medical staff that our creative community puts its abilities at the service of others, both on a daily basis and in a situation like the one we are experiencing.”Very quickly, the two teammates decided to pool their address books and mobilize their community in the face of the emergency. Constance Guisset, Inga Sempe, Isabelle Daëron, Matali Casset, François Azambourg, Guillaume Delvigne, Formafantasma… Today, nearly 150 French and international designers have responded to the call for solidarity.

The world of design has mobilized, each in its own way. Designers share their creation files in open source , schools provide their machine park for the manufacture of protective visors. Sam Baron and Karine Scherrer’s approach complements these actions and pooling. The Parisian gallery sells drawings, sometimes prototypes, and other objects made available free of charge by designers who take part in Design x life (read “Design for life”). “I wanted to promote the work of research and study which is an integral part of the creative process. The designs are like open books, they reflect the designer’s personality”, Explains the founder of the Art Design Lab. An intimate link that the purchaser can extend, since the designers have undertaken to send them the drawings purchased at the end of the confinement, that is to say from May 11, 2020.

2 5,000 euros already collected

The price range is wide, since some drawings sell for 100 euros, others 1000 euros or even 5000 euros for the “Logbook, Confinement 2020” by Ruedi Baur, “a work like a work in progress in the air ”According to Karine Scherrer. Although the gallery owner offered a price base – 380 euros for an A4 size drawing, 480 euros for an A3 – the designers were indeed the last decision-makers. “Many have chosen to sell their drawings for 100 euros ”She confides, because“it is indeed a simple and generous initiative. We wanted to make it affordable to as many people as possible with the central idea of “1 drawing = 1 donation”. ” A project which, to date, has raised more than 25,000 euros.
All the proceeds from this sale (excluding bank charges), which continues until May 31, 2020 , will be donated to the Fondation de l’Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris.
At the same time, it is possible to a direct donation to the Covid 19 emergency fund of Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals.