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Design & Innovation and Golden Parachute Awards: discover the 2021 winners

For several years, the Design & Innovation and Golden Parachute Awards have rewarded promising diploma projects from the graduating class of the Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design (ESADSE). The 2021 edition has just rewarded the work of Charlotte Goffette, Chloé Pechoultres and Antoine Salle.

At the end of particularly dense debates, the Design & Innovation and Golden Parachute prizes were awarded yesterday at ESADSE, in front of some of the students of the last class of 2020, while the others followed by videoconference.

Ties for the Golden Parachute Prize

This is how Chloé Pechoultres learned by screen interposed his nomination tied with his friend Antoine Salle, for the Golden Parachute Prize. If the Covid-19 strongly disrupted the course of this last year, by directly impacting the formalization of the diploma (finally passed in the fall), the subjects of the projects presented often echoed it, even indirectly. For the Art section, the sampurus (replica of the dishes displayed in restaurant windows in Japan) revisited by the young painter Antoine Salle have took on a particular connotation in this period which froze an important part of the restoration, when the associations of photos and sculptures by Chloé Pechoultres question time, in the moment frozen in memory, the layers of memory, durability, through a fascination of “Multiple faces of stone” . The winners receive a grant to aid creation of 3000 euros and will benefit from an exhibition in March 2022 at the “L’Assaut de la menuiserie” venue in Saint-Étienne.

Poetry and urbanity at the heart of the Design and Innovation Prize

Separate candidates in object design, space design and The media has also proved to be extremely complex, due to the quality of the research in which the diplomas were written. Following extensive discussions, the jury – which included Intramural – chose to reward Charlotte Gofette for her thinking around the wind “Only element in physical continuity with our body” with a view to making its expression tangible in the urban space. The winner receives a grant to help the creation of the Crédit Agricole Loire-Haute Loire Foundation in the amount of 3000 euros. It will also benefit from an exhibition at the Surface Gallery in Saint-Etienne, which showcases the work of designers in the context of events and exhibitions.

Varied and specialized diploma projects

The jury also wished to award a “coup de cœur” to the work of Charlotte marx baptized “Apparitions”, which is interested in these spaces of waiting and contemplation such as “ the waiting room, place of demonstrations luminous apparitions, the hotel entrance hall, where the shadows seem to emerge from the dream, the fisherman’s cabin, conducive to reflections, the mountain path where the landscape is framed, the train cabin, point of view light in motion. ” Indeed, extremely varied, the diploma projects of this promotion revealed a desire to question the social field through the design approach (questioning of a participatory process, transcription of objects designed in prison, mourning rituals, activism, etc.) . They also dealt with a decryption / decoding of fake news, the invention of a language associating a stone with a word, to literally compose sculptural poems.

Others proposed in conjunction with town planners the determination of pieces of street furniture to enhance certain forgotten walks in the city, taking care to fit into the plant environment and to preserve these islands of tranquility, or to re-examine the processes of the city’s greening. The promotion also questioned the conditions of public speaking in schools and universities, sought an answer to fidgeting , those instinctive movements that we do to concentrate.

Charlotte Goffette Prix Design et Innovation 2021, ESADSE © TC
© Laure Oustrie
Chloé Pechoultres, Lauréate Golden Parachute 2021 © ESADSE
Projet Sampuru, Antoine Salle, Lauréat 2021 Prix Golden Parachute © ESADSE

The “Round 5” exhibition presents all the diploma projects of the 2020 promotion, until August 29, at the Cité du design in Saint-Etienne. The school site also gathers these works here .