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Design Gainerie 91 Competition: Extension of applications

Have you been a student or a graduate for less than a year? Take part in the 8th edition of the Gainerie 91 design competition, of which Intramuros is a partner. In relation to the 2021 theme “Storytelling: when packaging tells the story…”, the participants will have to translate the commitment of a brand in a project by imagining a new experience for the user. Given the health context, the organizers have revised the course schedule and extended the submission of applications until May 28.

Based on the principle that “luxury cannot be bought, [qu’]he lives ”, the Gainerie 91 design competition proposes to imagine a case, a box or even a POS which tells the story of a (fictitious) brand, which shares a commitment or values, which facilitates the understanding of the product and its inclusion in the world of luxury. Projects must fall into one of the following categories: watchmaking and jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits, small leather goods. All materials are authorized and the realization of a model or a prototype recommended. At the end of the Gainerie 91 Design Competition, the winners’ projects will be produced within the entities of the Gainerie 91 group.

Who can participate?

This competition is open to students, young graduates for less than a year and residing in France, who have not had a professional relationship (trainee, apprentice, work-study, collaborator, partner) with Gainerie 91.

The first winner will leave with a check for € 2,500 (or, at your choice, a prize of equivalent value), but above all the putting into production of his proposal by their production units with 1 year of follow-up. The second nominee will be awarded a check for € 1,500 (or, as desired, a prize of equivalent value) and finally the third winner will be able to count on a check of € 1,000 (or, at choice, a prize of equivalent value). The public will also be able to vote and thus award a check for € 800 to the winner who will receive the best favorite rating.

Dates to remember :

• End date for sending files: May 28, 2021
• Project preselection date: June 3, 2021
• Public price launch date: June 7, 2021
• Date of selection of the winners by the grand jury: June 17, 2021
• Date of the award ceremony: September 16, 2021

Find all the information about the competition and how to apply on

And Download the documents


1st prize and big winners, the duo Céline Vanlaer and Antoine Brachet from Ensaama with the sustainable Silo setting. “Silo keeps the treatments and their cosmetic qualities cool. Content and container have an extended shelf life, without energy consumption, thanks to an ancestral technique from the desert. The ritual of Shiloh is an intimate return to the earth. ”


“Comme de l’eau de roche consists of two blocks of scented soaps that slip into a fabric pouch. At his home, the customer will be able to extract his perfume and replace the soaps in their pouch to use them as such, and prolong the experience with his favorite fragrance. ”


“This packaging will allow you to discover and understand the composition of the perfume through a set of 12 notes in consumable scent paper. This project is interested in transcribing the art of perfumery in a fun and accessible way “


“The concept of usufruct takes shape through a choice of materials, unique know-how and an in-depth redesign of the packaging usage experience. Thus, he is rethinking the place of luxury packaging to celebrate and magnify the perfume. ”