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Delicacies on all floors!

In his project carried out for Cédric Grolet, architect designer Michaël Malapert reconsiders the uses of today’s bakery and pastry-making while mastering the technical preparation spaces visible to whet the taste buds of customers.

In just seven months, Michaël Malapert, interior designer, is carrying out the development work for the bakery and pastry shop of the famous pastry chef Cédric Grolet. This new address, sought after by gourmets, clearly displays its DNA on three levels. The color codes of the sign, white, gray, gold, and the flower inspired by the Garnier dome, emblem of the store, are explicit day and night, thanks to the full height window open on the avenue de l ‘ Opera. Adapting to the wishes of the pastry chef, this creator of places takes a keen interest in the products on offer. This is the strong point of the project design. Today the making of bread or pastries is no longer relegated only to the back of a courtyard or in the basement but on the contrary it is shown to customers. An additional selling point that is added to the reassuring smell of bread coming out of the oven or the tempting presentation of the window, which we devour with the eyes of a child… Right from the start the tone is set.

Réalisation Michel Malapert – Boulangerie Pâtisserie Cédric Grolet © P.Simonetta

On one side the white and smooth counter for pastries, on the other, the rough cut stone plan, that of the bakery. “Beyond making it beautiful, unique, functional and lasting, I wanted to create a living place and anchor in the immersive experience”, details Michaël Malapert.

In a very Parisian chic decor, whose original architectural details are preserved – stone wall, moldings, stucco rose window, Hungarian point parquet – the flows of customers circulate on the three levels, which are served by the masterly staircase with delicate wrought iron railings.

On the first floor of the tea room and private lounge, the long leather bench hugs the wall in opus insertum, – broken tiles -, gray and white; the enveloping armchairs and bistro tables in brass and black marble sign the chic and relaxed decor desired by the pastry chef.

In the center, the large circular bar unifies the whole. Nothing is left to chance, Michael Malapert has endeavored to create the most customer-friendly atmospheres at any time of the day. Just like the rose window, whose large, gilded mirrored disk increases the space, and allows you to glance at the busy servers from the street. The hand-crafted paper suspensions by artist Mathilde Nivet add to the festive atmosphere.

In the basement, room for production with impeccable professional hygiene standards (ventilation system and floor in cast resin, stainless steel furniture). The kneading and preparation phases are developed there in the laboratory with two distinct centers: the bakery, which requires the heat from the ovens, and on the other, the pastry and the cold room. In this project, Michael Malapert confirms his mastery of technical areas of bakery and pastry making, which he has made a specialty of, with great chefs, in gourmet restaurants.

Anne Swynghedauw

Project: bakery, pastry shop, tea room
Location: 35 avenue de l’Opéra Paris Opera district
Surface: 300 m2
Year: 2020

Réalisation Michel Malapert – Boulangerie Pâtisserie Cédric Grolet © P.Simonetta