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Deirdre Dyson: From the simplicity of the line to the richness of the fiber

For her latest collection of rugs, Lady Deirdre Dyson pays tribute to two materials she loves, stone and paper. After that of 2020, Looking glass , Paper & Stone reinterprets these new materials with subtlety and softness.

The carpet is for me an artistic work which brings soul to a place ” : artist Deirdre Dyson has been designing hand-woven or hand-knotted rugs for more than twenty years. At the time, it was difficult for him to get his hands on the carpet that suited him. While looking for it, the designer falls with both feet into this world that she does not know, that of the carpet. An upholsterer then offered him to make one from one of his works, and one thing led to another, the collections followed one another. Since then, she has taken up the torch of this factory where she works on collections with her team.

Portrait de Deirdre Dyson.

Today, it is surrounded by more than 5,000 wool and silk pompoms that make up her color palette that Deirdre Dyson chooses the tones of her creations: ” I don’t need to mix them like in painting, I try to choose colors with different contrasts and intensities to create relief and movement. “

It is to order that the composition of a carpet is defined, either in pure Tibetan wool, in Chinese silk or by combining the two. All hand-woven or tufted (certified Goodweave) in Nepal by exceptional weavers, the designs of these rugs are generally suggested by nature, which is already a source of inspiration for Deirdre Dyson’s paintings. There is always a lot of harmony and subtlety in the choice of colors.

Each rug is a unique piece since it is created on demand and chosen according to colors, materials or dimensions.

Some of the seven rugs Paper & Stone echo the trompe-l’oeil with the shadow play of the folded paper whose shape is repeated in the cutout of the carpet itself, or the torn sheet of paper on a rectangular carpet. These rugs can be placed on the ground, but sometimes suspended. So the wall hanging Dry Stone gives this impression of a stone wall.

After exhibiting at Maison & Objet, Deirdre Dyson realized that his work was not only recognized but loved by the French public. It is for this reason that in 2020 she opened a Parisian gallery, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where it is good to admire her work with sensations, those of the gaze and the touch.

Lady Dyson designs a new collection with great enthusiasm every year: “ In my opinion, the most important and what is most important to me is to create things that are consistent with my experiences and my values. “ We are impatiently awaiting that of 2022!

Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda

Galerie Deirdre Dyson, 12, rue des Saints-Pères, 75007 Paris