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CY School of Design details its future training

Announced last October, the new design school just created within CY Cergy Paris University and directed by Dominique Sciamma will welcome its first students next September. As the ParcoursSup platform opens its access for future baccalaureate holders, the school is unveiling the content of its training courses and its future premises.

In the fall of 2021, CY Cergy Paris University will welcome its first students in global design at the IXblue Campus in Saint-Germain-en-Laye: The first promotions of CY Ecole de design – composed of 80 students in 1st year and 20 4th year students – will benefit from a particularly equipped teaching environment (design studio, computer graphics lab, Machine workshops, Fablab, VR / AR IoT Lab…).

It should be noted that the sector is established in a very specific context: within an ecosystem of high technology companies (AI, robotics, Biotech, space) in a classified and secure wooded park, with its 19th century castle transformed into a convention center by architect Dominique Perrault, and its 300-seat amphitheater.

iXcampus, Chateau la nuit

The school’s reception hall is built around a monumental staircase designed by Jean Prouvé, a beautiful symbol for a new design school.

At the same time, 40 engineer-designers, specializing in “info-design”, will join the CY Tech campus in Cergy-Pontoise. This will be the first integrated engineer-designer double degree over 6 years in France.
Last October, the announcement of these future courses focused on transversality underlined the ambition to contribute to the “training of designers, engineers and managers of all transitions, from material to decision” .

iXcampus, CY escalier
iXcampus, CY escalier

Un Diplôme universitaire de « Designer Global » en 5 ans, accessible à tous

This course in global design is designed over 5 years, around a pedagogy by projects (20 in 5 years) and and 7 educational pillars:
1. Cultivate / Think / Write
2. Represent
3. Observe / Analyze / Understand
4. Create / Solve / Collaborate
5. Do / Experiment
6. Understand the business
7. Professionalize

The first 3 years are centered on the acquisition of knowledge, methods, practices and fundamental tools of design, and the last 2 years on a detailed understanding of the functioning of human organizations (companies, communities, public services) in order to be able to take place there. . The course provides for an international semester (exchanges / internships / study trips) in the 3rd year, the last 2 years will be done alternately.
Free for scholarship holders, the total cost of the training will be € 10,500 (€ 3,500 per year). The school’s website is accessible at the address:

Un Bachelor international de « Datascientist by Design » en 4 ans

The school also offers an international Bachelor “Datascience by Design” co-signed with CY Tech. This program in English, straddling France and Asia, trains in 4 years complete professionals, nourished by sciences (mathematics, physics, statistics) and AI technologies, big data, but also human sciences and design in order to enable them to imagine the future uses resulting from the fair use of data.

Un double-diplôme Ingénieurs-designers en 6 ans à Cergy-Pontoise

CY Tech and CY school of design co-sign the first integrated double-degree in Engineers-Designers, specializing in computer science. This 6-year course will train engineers capable of putting very advanced computer knowledge and methods at the service of the design of objects, systems, interfaces, spaces, services and useful and successful experiences. beautiful.