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News / Events / “Crossing over” by Vincenzo Di Cotiis

“Crossing over” by Vincenzo Di Cotiis

In “Crossing Over”, Vincenzo Di Cotiis offers a series of sculptural pieces, reflections of an exploration of an urban imagination . We find there the obsession of the Italian architect and artist for the search for the “perfect imperfection”. Discover the dematerialized exhibition of the Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Born in Italy at the end of the 1950s, Vincenzo De Cotiis studied architecture at the Politecnico in Milan and founded his studio and gallery in 1997. Throughout his interior design projects and his artistic exploration, he has established himself on the international scene with his ultra contemporary approach to the material. Its signature is deeply marked by a form of sublimation of the patina, an interpretation of the beauty revealed by time. As we can still see in this “Crossing over” exhibition, over the course of his career he has appropriated a number of recycled materials, often marked by time and wear and tear, which he reinterprets in his creations by associating them with other new and valuable materials. In his aesthetic search for the “perfect imperfection”, he proceeds in stages and layers, alternating phases of decomposition followed by augmented recompositions.

Along with this dematerialized exhibition of the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, “Crossing Over” is presented until June 3 in the Vincent De Cotiis gallery in Milan.

Vincenzo Di Cotiis, Édition limitée de 8 + 4, fibre de verre noire, laiton coulé (DC 2013A / 2020)
Vincenzo Di Cotiis, édition limitée de 8 + 4 ap laiton argenté antique, résine, laiton, bois recyclé, bois verni (DC 1413B / 2020)
Vincenzo Di Cotiis, pièce unique, fibre de verre, marbre, verre de murano, peints à la main et recyclés. (UNTITLED 5 / 2020)