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News / Design / Covid-19: Maison Duvivier Canapé commits its sewing know-how

Covid-19: Maison Duvivier Canapé commits its sewing know-how

Maison Duvivier Canapé has been diversifying its activity since the beginning of April, in order to meet the needs of hospitals in Vienne. The teams are working on the manufacture of protective equipment for the nursing staff.

Renowned since 1840 for its sofas, armchairs and furniture, the French house extends the chain of solidarity that is being set up to support hospital services in France.

Like Ateliers Vanderschooten, which focuses their activity on the manufacture of masks, Maison Duvivier Canapés puts its sewing know-how at the service of these women and men who are fighting on the front line against Covid-19, in producing protective overcoats.
The teams of the Parisian house, under the directives of the suppliers and the sanitary services, devote themselves to obtaining the necessary materials, carrying out the tracings and the tests in order to automate the production as quickly as possible.